Top 10 Best TV Series (August)

Nazi hunting in Logan Lerman’s “Hunters,” presidential primaries in “House of Cards”, and some serious coding in season 2 of “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). Here’s our top TV series list for August.

#10 Angelo’s House (Unchanged) -Germany

From Angelos House Episode 10

retainFeaturing German model Angelo Carlucci, Angelos House is funny and light, the banters are reminiscent of Two and a Half Men‘s comedy albeit no sons here.  Angelos House is in German but with subtitles. –Geekgod Review

#9 Ragnarok (Unchanged) -Norway

retainWe’re not sure how much real action Ragnarok is going to have, and we hope subsequent episodes are better-paced. But it’s still a novel approach to the usual Norse legend story, and should be fun to watch. -Decider

#8 Good Girls (down from last month’s #7) -USA

down-arrowThis is kind of a different series with an interesting plot: three normal mothers who became involved in crimes but still trying to be normal for their family and be good persons. The plot is not believable but the actors in it are really great and really funny. 

#7 New Pope (up from last month’s #8) -Italy

up-arrow“The New Pope” has a lot to say about the church’s role in the modern world, its significance to socio-political events, and what’s expected of its leaders — and it says it with a sharpened edge. -Indie Wire

#6 East Siders (returning) -USA

returnA 2012 dark comedy web series about boyfriends Carl and Thom who were living in Los Angeles, “EastSiders” earned many praises that we had high expectations on it. Like “You’re the Worst,” this show has the depth that is lacking from most shows today. The screenshots like those of the ’60s (like blurry and has somehow sad feeling about the place). -Geekgod Review

#5 Bolivar (up from last month’s #6) -Colombia

up-arrowThis series is for history buffs and the audience in South America familiar with his story. In other words, this is not a series that would get international attention. But those who seek to learn more about this polarizing figure will definitely enjoy watching this series. –Geekgod Review

#4 Spartacus (new) -USA

new-logoAn exciting tale of sex, violence and revenge! SpartacusBlood and Sand is one of the early surprise hits of the year. … While “The Red Serpent” chronicles Spartacus‘ (Andy Whitfield) journey from noble Thracian to enslaved warrior, it lacks much of what makes this series so great in later episodes. -IGN

#3 How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (Unchanged) -Germany

retainWhat makes “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” so good to watch is the fact that its concept is absurd but weirdly the audience can relate to it. Season 2 ends with a high note, and we expect Season 3 to have the answers on some questions the series left behind. –Geekgod Review

#2 House of Cards (Unchanged) -USA

retainSeason 3 ends with Claire calling it quits on the 30-year whatever-you-want-to-call-it that propelled her and Frank all the way to the White House. And so, starting from that significant revelation and working backwards, we take a look at House of Cards season 3: the good, the bad, and everything that managed to stick out in between. -Screen Rant

#1 Hunters (new) -USA

new-logoHunters, despite its flaws, is quite a series. While it is a fiction, there’s something uniquely harrowing in watching imagined scenes in the death camps. It is different compared to documentaries. Equally, there’s something satisfying in watching those Nazi bastards be killed. I am disturbed by it, but I am telling it as it is. –Geekgod Review

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