Exploring Outside Tokyo

I explore the places outside Tokyo, where the atmosphere of the country’s past decades survives, and where you could have a unique and legit Japan travel experience.

Lost Geek in Tokyo

It’s easy to get lost in Tokyo and have the time of your life at the same time. Join me as I navigate this bustling metropolis and find out how to get lost in Tokyo, the geek style.

Empty Kyoto: 10 Things To Do

Kyoto is empty, well not really. But with the current health scare, gone are the Edo Period streets filled with tourists. Here are the 10 things to do in Kyoto while the tourists are still away.

Osaka: Shoguns, Ramen, and Skyline

Let’s get lost in this historic city filled with the best restaurants in all of Japan. Enjoy the city’s skyline and revel in the unique nightlife that only Osaka can offer.

48 Hours in Thailand: A Quick Travel Guide

From the hyped Thai cuisine, so-so beaches, endless shopping, to its history and culture that most Thai raved about, Thailand certainly has that good old vibe that makes it shine amid the other emerging tourist spots in the region.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go in Sagada?

There are places that you will return to again and again, and one of them is Sagada. The grueling travel to reach this place will be rewarded by the stunning view of its sunrise, the cold weather that will take your tiredness away, the fresh air of the mountains, its view and most of all,…

Palawan’s Port Barton, the Updated Review

Fear not, there is already 24-hour electricity in the island, so much so that the residents take in their first Fiesta (town party) with unlimited access to electric power into full use, by partying all night, blasting music that could be heard all throughout the island. For years, Port Barton in Palawan has been unknown…