The TV Series Review Vol. 3 No. 2: The Robin Returns in “Titans”

For our second TV series review, we will take a look with the Turkish series “The Protector” and the new DC series “Titans.” Also we’re reviewing the dark web series “EastSiders” and the return of “Dynasty.”

The Protector

Geek Rate: Sun god worthy (4 out of 5 stars)

helios-256“The Protector” is a drama fantasy that we all need especially when you’re missing “The Last Air Bender.” This series is from Turkey and tells the story of Hakan Demir, the last Protector from the ancient order the duty of which is to protect Istanbul from the one they called The Immortal.

Action-packed series with this kind of history and fantasy mixed with legends is my kind of jam and “The Protector” is sure filled with it. The story recounts the history of Istanbul, to its legends but features a modern day setting. Çağatay Ulusoy as Hakan fits in his role as the Protector, as well as, Hazar Ergüçlü the kick-ass Zeynep, one of the Loyals whose sworn duty is to help the Protector defeat the Immortal.

This is not some cheap shot fantasy series or a trashy YA book story, but it is not Potter level (or at least par) either. The series is not trying too hard, confining its focus just on Istanbul and sticking to the old fantasy story rules of legendary swords and rings and protective clothing without making these things corny. In fact, the way they present these things and other legends were in synergy with its modern settings. The villains too are modern, but with a touch of the ancient, that is well-balanced as it is impressive. Watching this series is captivating, to say the least.


Geek Rate: Mortal worthy (3 out of 5 stars)


The reboot of the 1980’s series never fades with its modern twist and funny, rich (no pun intended) scenes and lines. The series tells the story of the Carrington family, a very rich family in Atlanta, Georgia, and the members of its family: the billionaire father Blake and his children Fallon and Steven.

As I said on my past reviews, the story has no depth in it, but this is a series that can you call your guilty pleasure, the one you can press play when you just want to chill and laugh. The second season begins after the shocking Season 1 finale. The story gets more and more ridiculous with revelations that are not going to happen in real life but makes the show more fun to watch. This is what I like about this series, the shocking ending every episode that will make you press “next.” I like Steven on the show and hope that they will get him back as a regular but the new Carrington is also a badass. Next episode, please.


Geek Rate: Sun god worthy (4 out of 5 stars)


A 2012 dark comedy web series about boyfriends Carl and Thom who were living in Los Angeles, “EastSiders” earned many praises that I had high expectations when I started watching it. Like “You’re the Worst,” this show has the depth that is lacking from most shows today. The screenshots like those of the ’60s (like blurry and has somehow sad feeling about the place). The actors here were superb but I don’t feel that it is something special. I watch this series just for some background noise when you want to do something else, but some of the shots will make you pause what you’re doing and watch it, some are just not that good.


Geek Rate: Mortal worthy (3 out of 5 stars)

ares-512Based on the DC Comics “Teen Titans,” this show tells about the story of Robin, retired as Batman’s sidekick, alongside other superheroes Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy. I like DC characters and it’s fun to watch these heroes on the screen, seeing the stories I read in comics, plus other tidbits the writers added specifically for this series. Brenton Thwaites is perfect as Dick Grayson/Robin but I must admit that I was not a fan of the other characters.

“Titans” has an indie pop vibe on it, as you can see with their villains, but the dark cloud of DC still hangs on its plot. I was reminded of “Legion” with this one without trying hard to be that intellectual that the audience mind will be bored. After Season 1, I’m still not convinced about this show, and I was not impressed by its story. They have Robin and his large array of Comics story to choose from so they better get the second season more exciting.

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