TV Series Review Vol. 5 No. 11: Love, Victor

Victor is back, and he’s ready to come out.

Summer is almost over and Victor Salazar must face the inevitable act of coming out. He has to face the challenges that come with being out with Benji, both at home and in school. In the process of self-discovery, Victor will need the support of his friends in order to get through life.

“Damn! Gay Victor has more balls than straight Victor,” says his sister. Well, I agree. The second season of “Love, Victor” is much better than the slow-paced first season. Mostly because he and Benjo finally are together after that awkward 10 episodes in season 1.

Season 2’s focus is on Victor’s experience after coming out: in school, in his family, and in fitting with Benji’s life. All this while trying to be what he wants to be: a simple high school student who loves basketball. That said, the series successfully show the struggles of coming out and the common misconceptions of society. The confrontation with the priest is spot on.

The strong supporting characters are still there, making the series more interesting to watch. Their stories jibe in seamlessly with that of the main characters, like Victor’s father’s struggles to reconnect with his son.

Of course, there are still cliché YA scenes of campfires and cabin trips, which took away the realness of the series but I guess those are important to make the audience giddy.
This is one of those series that the audience would sometimes like the supporting lead more than the actual lead. Everyone likes Victor and Benji is, well, hot. But Felix is the man, hands down.

I like how Michael Cimino portrayed the character Victor, which is in a way makes the character unique. His acting is just natural and effortless and I feel connected to him in most of his scenes.

Geek Rate

helios-256Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars). While season 1 is a big complete waste, season 2 of “Love, Victor” brings on the goods in every aspect. With strong characters and an interesting story, this series is enjoyable to watch. Cliché YA scenes aside, the series pulled off something its first season, and even “Love, Simon,” the movie where it’s based from has failed to achieve.

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