TV Series Review Vol. 5 No. 1: Fall of Constantinople in the “Rise of Empires: Ottoman”

Military strategy, ancient prophecies, and destiny in this historical drama about Mehmed the Conqueror.

“Verily you shall conquer Constantinople. What a wonderful leader will he be, and what a wonderful army will that army be!” After 23 armies failed to topple the walls of Eastern Roman Empire’s capital, Sultan Mehmed II vows to fulfill the words of prophet Muhammad and claim the red apple inside Constantinople: Hagia Sophia.

“Rise of Empires: Ottoman,” tells the story of Mehmed the Conqueror during the Battle of Constantinople. The series exhaustively focused on the battle, from Mehmed II’s order to build the Rumelihisarı fortress to the underground tunnels and the naval blockade in the Golden Horn. It also included the myths during the battle which was cool.

Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu played Mehmed really well with a deep understanding of the historical figure. The narratives and commentaries from experts and historians keep the series interesting to watch. I personally enjoyed the series’ portrayal of how Mehmed planned to send his boats inside the Golden Horn through the lands outside Galatia and the ancient prophecy surrounding the fall of the Roman Empire. Of course, who could forget the bloody moon and the apparition at the top of Hagia Sophia?

Geek Rate

helios-256Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars). Unlike other docuseries produced by other countries, “Rise of Empires: Ottoman” is surprisingly balanced and factual in presenting the Fall of Constantinople. It presents new information that history geeks will sure love. The portrayal of Mehmed here was somewhat tamed. Nevertheless, the script and the acting give justice to the military brilliance of the famous conqueror so everything’s fine. This show deserves applause.

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