Geek Film Review Vol. 4 No. 9: Table 19

A film for everyone who has ever felt deeply uncomfortable on someone’s wedding.

After a confusing RSVP where Eloise ticked both the ‘going’ and ‘not going’ boxes, she ended up at the worst table in her best friend’s wedding reception. Eloise must confront the unfinished business with her ex-boyfriend, the bride’s brother. The guests in Table 19 might be the key.

I’ve seen a lot of wedding-themed movies this past month alone but “Table 19” is the only one that managed to elevate that worn-out event into something fun and heartfelt without making it cheap. Anna Kendrick is Eloise McGarry who was dumped at table 19 aka the losers table after a confusing RSVP. Honestly, the bride here who is Eloise’s best friend is kind of a bitch. Why would she do that?

The characters who sat at table 19 have all interesting stories which jibe smoothly with the whole plot. As an audience, I felt from them the awkwardness of a guest who’s not that important in a wedding. I was really rooting for Eloise and that other guy but the ferry scene was one of the most romantic and somehow unique scene I’ve watched in this kind of film.

Geek Rate

helios-256Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars). “Table 19” is not your usual wedding movie. There’s a surprising arc that breaks stereotypes in wedding stories. The drama did not pull down the overall fun in the story and there’s no single minute where I became bored while watching it.

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