Geek Book Review: How to American by Jimmy O. Yang

Comedian Jimmy O. Yang writes an immigrant’s guide on how to be American.

Jimmy O. Yang’s English is not so good. As an immigrant from Hong Kong, he has to adapt, fast. First, he eats at El Pollo Loco. Then he learns the language from Black rappers. More importantly, as an Asian, he needs to land a respectable job. So he becomes a comedian. This is an immigrant’s guide to disappointing your parents.

At first, it looks like actor/comedian Jimmy O. Yang’s autobiography “How to American” is not for everyone. Coming from Hong Kong, the book is about his experience as an immigrant in the U.S. The target readers might be only the immigrants, right? Armed with a lot of funny moments and life lessons, even if you’re not an immigrant, heck, even if you’re not from America, you will still enjoy reading this book from start to finish.

Jimmy starts his story from his childhood in Hong Kong to his famous stint as Jian-Yang in “Silicon Valley” and his eventual inclusion in the all-Asian movie adaptation of “Crazy Rich Asians.” But the fun stuff and drama are not lacking in between.

As an Asian, I can relate to how he was raised by his parents. It was funnily narrated but still with reverence to his parents just like Michelle Zauner’s “Crying in H Mart.” I particularly enjoyed his tale of how he learned English from watching rap on TV and his experience studying in the States. All of which make up the basis of his punch lines when he started working on comedy bars.

Geek Rate

helios-256(Sun god worthy. 4 out of 5 stars). “How to American” is one of those books that are so good you can’t honestly put it down until you’re done reading. I picked this book just out of curiosity about this comedian I watched on YouTube. I had a laugh (dozens of them, in fact) when I watched him. It did not disappoint. As far as autobiographies go, you could choose to read the stories of well-known people, but this one is like watching a full-length comedy bar show, with you in the front seat. 

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