Silent No More

I left ABSCBN compound this afternoon with people inside busy with election preps but what I noticed most particularly was the presence of an unusual number of uniformed police in and around the compound. Police personnel bearing anti-riot shields, setting up barricades and for me this is quite scary.

There is so much hatred and stupidity and propaganda going around in the last stretch of this election to a proportion which I have never witnessed before. I remained silent for the most part of this senselessness. But staying silent is no longer an option, when staying silent would have been too shameful.

I heard the sentiments and the lies of the supporters of politicians.

I heard the illogical reasoning of the communists.

I heard the bitterness behind the social media posts of our former Kapamilyas, stocking the fire that will surely consume us all.

In mocking and besmirching the name of ABSCBN for your personal gain, you are mocking not the company and the people behind it, but you are, in effect, negating the legacy that is the network’s gift to this country’s broadcasting industry. You are destroying, not its news personalities, but the role it played in history when we as Filipinos toppled a dictatorship. You are besmirching, not our showbiz personalities, but the role it played when it carried our flag as Filipinos in the world arena and made us all proud. In spreading these lies and hatred, you are not destroying the company. It will still stand and grow, believe me, but in the process you are only destroying yourselves and with it our identity as decent, rational and peace-loving Filipinos.

Someone told me to be careful, to be sure to take off my company ID after clocking out and going outside for fear of being assaulted. But it is an honor and a privilege to wear that ID. And I will not cower.

In the end of this political practice, after this election is over, when the dust, carrying hatred, stupidity and propaganda, has finally settled, one thing is for sure: we will remain, forever and always, true to our calling: that is to be In The Service of the Filipino.

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