Geek Book Review: “Field Notes on Love” by Jennifer E. Smith

Jennifer E. Smith takes us on a journey across the States in “Field Notes on Love”

Geek Book Review: An Infinite Number of Parallel Universes

A fun road trip in Randy Ribay’s new book In real life, you need real friends. Bound by their passion for “Dragons and Dungeons,” four teenagers travel west on a trip that would test their friendship. On the road, they will have to face the problems they’re escaping from. Will they turn around, or forge…

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I explore the places outside Tokyo, where the atmosphere of the country’s past decades survives, and where you could have a unique and legit Japan travel experience.

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Empty Kyoto: 10 Things To Do

Kyoto is empty, well not really. But with the current health scare, gone are the Edo Period streets filled with tourists. Here are the 10 things to do in Kyoto while the tourists are still away.