July Top TV Series

“How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is back!” Here’s our top 10 TV shows for July.

June Top TV Series

my new series Sex/Lfe” in Netflix. Here is our top TV series list for June.

UEFA Euro 2020 Prediction

Round of 16 Belgium vs Portugal The Euro 2016 champions might be out of luck this time. They might have Cristiano Ronaldo but the quality of Belgium’s starting XI is overwhelming, Portugal might need to pull all the stops to defend against the likes of Kevin de Bruyne and Eden Hazard. Italy vs Austria Italy…

TV Series Review Vol. 5 No. 11: Love, Victor

Victor is back, and he’s ready to come out. Summer is almost over and Victor Salazar must face the inevitable act of coming out. He has to face the challenges that come with being out with Benji, both at home and in school. In the process of self-discovery, Victor will need the support of his…