TV Series Review Vol. 7 No. 5: Schitt’s Creek

A series about a once-rich family forced to live in a motel is so addicting and satisfying to watch

The mighty rich Rose Family falls. Johnny and Moira Rose, with their children David and Alexis, are forced to live in a decrepit motel in the middle of nowhere called Schitt’s Creek. Can they survive living a simple life in a town Johnny once bought as a joke to his son?

helios 4 starsGeek Rate: Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars). Like the Rose Family, the audience will learn to love the show as the seasons progress. This series is so addicting to watch that it deserves to be on my list of watch-over-and-over-again TV shows alongside the likes of “Community,” “Silicon Valley,” and “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast).”

“Schitt’s Creek” has a nice premise to it. A wealthy family loses its fortune and was forced to live in a small, remote town. In the first episode, we see the Rose Family being evicted from their mansion. The Feds take away all their prized possessions. Creator Dan Levy played David, the adult son of Johnny (played by his real-life father Eugene Levy) and Moira (Catherine O’Hara). Together with his sibling Alexis (Annie Murphy), they were forced to live in a small motel room located in the middle of nowhere.

There is a sort of satisfactory vengeance and fun curiosity in watching this scene up to when the family was forced to face the reality of their new status as they arrived at the motel. But the excitement and curiosity fizzle after that. The desolation of the place is quite depressing and it is infecting the audience.

But then we get to know the people of the town of Schitt’s Creek. There’s the mayor who in no way resembles a mayor of any town, a sardonic clerk of the motel, and a café waitress who is secretly a millionaire.

Dan Levy wrote the episodes well, especially towards seasons 5 and 6 (the show swept all the major Emmy Awards in its final season). Each episode is a lesson for one of the Rose Family members (at least they learned something at the end of an episode, I presumed). There’s a part where Johnny and Moira were forced to raise a baby (not having to do it with their own children). In any case, the entire show is in part one long lesson in parenthood for the two.

I wouldn’t choose anyone to play Johnny other than Eugene Levy. Catherine O’Hare as his wife Moira, a former soap opera star, is the star of the series. O’Hare’s portrayal, including her hilarious antics and deep lines, is one of the reasons why this series is addicting to watch.

David and Alexis also have their learning moments throughout the series. David learns the value of hard work through his apothecary and experiences how to be in a healthy relationship with his business partner-turned-husband Patrick. Dan Levy creates an iconic character in David. His husband Patrick is played by Noah Reid who I think is the most underrated actor in the series (as well as Emily Hampshire who played the motel clerk Stevie Budd).

Meanwhile, we have Alexis, who learns the lesson of sacrifice when she lets go of her veterinarian boyfriend (played by Dustin Milligan). Murphy who plays Alexis is so perfect for the role, dangling between funny, annoying, and crazy. For a time, she is caught in a love triangle with him and the mayor’s son Mutt Schitt (Tim Rozon). The two are so hot it makes the ridiculousness of their situation even more ridiculous.

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