Geek Film Review Vol. 6 No. 3: French Exit

Michelle Pfeiffer plays a New York socialite who lost all her fortunes after the death of her husband

Frances Price and her son Malcolm left New York to live in Paris. Years after her husband’s death, money is beginning to get scarce. For Frances, it is a ticking time bomb. When her wealth is finally exhausted, she believes that will be the time to go. But first, she must face the past and confront her dead husband.

ares 3 starsGeek Rate: Mortal Worthy (3 out of 5 stars). The promising premise of “French Exit” fizzled out midway through as the film stumbles blindly on its story with no direction or clue of what it wants to achieve. This is a pity considering the strength of its two lead actors.

Michelle Pfeiffer plays Frances Price, a New York socialite who lost all her fortunes after the death of her husband. To say that Pfeiffer portrayed her character excellently is an understatement. She lifted the film from start to end despite a disappointing and pointless storyline. Lucas Hedges delivers another impeccable performance as her son Malcolm. 

Frances and Malcolm left New York and moved into a small apartment in Paris. As the story progresses, the film reveals to the audience Frances’ goal: commit suicide after she spent the last of their money. She did this in many ways: giving her son a stash of money to spend upon their arrival in Paris. Tipping an insane amount in a café. Giving cash to street dwellers in a park that can be viewed outside their apartment window. But is this enough to pour some sense into the story? The answer is definitely not.

The serious backdrop of the story gets a comedic undertone. A reluctant fortune teller helps Frances converse with her dead husband. It is then revealed that he is reincarnated as their cat. Then there’s the time when they were forced to live with a myriad of people inside their apartment: a detective tasked to find their lost cat, the fortune teller, Malcolm’s ex-fiancé and her new fiancé, a rich, old widow, and her best friend who actually owned the Paris apartment. The ridiculousness of this could be forgiven (and maybe made sense) if somehow the storyline has more direction to it. 

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