Geek Book Review: Spare by Prince Harry

“Spare” details Prince Harry’s life growing up under the Crown

Prince Harry reveals the British royal family to the world behind the façade. From his childhood memories of Princess Diana to his and Princess Meghan’s escape to the United States, “Spare” presents damning details of the devilishly calculating bureaucracy which controls the Crown.

helios 4 starsGeek Rate: Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars). Is it bad that I’ve read this book with gusto and every time I was screaming in my head “Get them, Harry!”? There’s no question of the evilness of the British royal family (we have read enough history to know that). Every chapter is like a punch against them. Every word is evidence from which they could cower and hide in the dark but could never escape.

“Spare” details Prince Harry’s life growing up under the Crown. With poetic and cinematic-like parts, the British prince bares all the details that he was forbidden to tell the public. Childhood memories with his mother Princess Diana. The rivalry between him and Prince William even as a child, how cold and calculating the Crown Prince is. The evilness of Kate Middleton and his stepmother Camilla. The tight hold of the royal bureaucrats to their puppet Queen (with their connections to the paparazzi). The complicated relationship with his father, then Prince Charles.

But “Spare” is not all that. In his book, Prince Harry tried to be courageously honest as much as possible. He confronted his dark past (doing drugs, the endless partying) without absolving himself. He also shares his experience in the military and his life in Africa, leading to the causes he is championing as part of his mother’s legacy.

Everything has already been said about Prince Harry’s tell-all book. White supremacists, those who wanted their own kind to wear crowns and subjugate other races, had attacked this book with disgusting enthusiasm. But the words in this book would forever be a blot on the already dark history of the royal family. Spare for all intents and purposes helps further the dialogue of racism. Words printed on its pages would forever be in the subconscious of the people, something the Crown couldn’t deny. In any case, if they would not change for the better, they will be forced out of their castles. And this book would be one of the catalysts for that. 

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