TV Series Review Vol. 7 No. 1: Superstore

“Superstore” tells the story of a group of employees working at a big-box chain store and the daily antics of its customers, especially during sales seasons

Welcome to Cloud 9! In this mega store, you will find anything that you’re looking for. You’ll be greeted by our fun staff with our super chill manager Glenn (not to be confused with our robot named Glen). Listen to our staff Garrett’s announcements about the sale in the exercise gear section that will be closed soon due to a lack of interest. There’s no bagger at the counter? Please wait, the staff is in the break room having a discussion about the floor manager Amy and another staff named Jonah’s sex video. Have a Heavenly Day!

helios 4 starsGeek Rate: Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars). “Shocked” is the word I would use to describe my experience viewing the first episode of this series. It’s what makes this show fun to watch. It’s the exaggeration of everyday occurrences in a supermarket with a touch of reality. There’s also some in-depth commentary on the industry written all over the script.

Midway through the first season, I googled “Superstore + set” because I can’t believe that all the antics of the characters could be honestly played on a real grocery store. It is one of those series I would play just to have background noise while working out (I primarily like listening to stand-up comedies for laughs to counter the “pain”). But it is a series that will grow as you delved into its story and become familiar with and in time learn to love its characters.

Honestly, I just clicked play because of Ben Feldman who played Jonah, one of the original cast members of the series. I am a fan of his in “Silicon Valley.” The cast is all funny and their characters with diverse backgrounds add depth to the story. There’s a wacky manager Glenn (played by Mark Mickinney) and a deranged but soft-hearted (deep inside) assistant manager Dina (Lauren Ash). Nico Santos of course is one the stars of the show as Mateo, an illegal immigrant/Cloud 9’s employee of the month. You will also definitely love the characters of other leads such as Garrett (Colton Dunn) and his funny announcements, the naïve but sweet teenager Cheyenne (Nichole Sakura), and Sandra another favorite of mine (Kaliko Kauahi). America Ferrera leads the series as Amy, a 15-year Cloud 9 veteran who’s married to the hot Ryan Gaul who plays Adam.

Here are several of my favorite episodes:

“Tornado” -when a tornado hits Cloud 9 and chaos ensued inside the store.

“The Golden Globes Party” – features the disastrous attempt of Amy to host a barbeque party after her divorce.

“Employee Appreciation Day”- an episode that shows the hilarious and gripping attempt of the employees to help Mateo escape ICE agents inside the store.

The Halloween episodes are always hilarious due in part to Cloud 9’s costume competition (I dig Jonah’s Brexit costume). The series shines brighter in its last two seasons with tight and more hilarious scripts and it ended with a bang with its heartwarming finale “All Sales Final.”

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