TV Series Review Vol. 6 No. 11: Andor

“Andor” falls short of the superb “Rogue One”

The story of Rebel spy Cassian Andor’s formative years of the Rebellion and his difficult missions for the cause.

Forgive me for I will be harsh. “Andor” is the most boring Star Wars series so far that Disney created, excluding the animated ones. Even the finale couldn’t change my mind. Sure, the bits and pieces shown in the 12 episodes would form a clear picture of where the series is going. The evolution of the rebellion. The work scenes in the Narkina 5 prison which was a secret factory for the Death Star. The heck, I hate those three episodes where Andor was captured. It was so sloooow and boring. To be fair, the rest of the episodes were slow and boring. Even the Aldhani episode was disappointing.

But there are silver linings in “Andor.” Star Wars fans will be delighted to see references and new backstories. The Mon Mothma story is intriguing. There’s the politics in Coruscant and the explanation of the system on how rebels were run and funded.

The effects and set are on point, too. Take for example episode 6, “The Eye.” The scene during the meteor shower (or something) was really impressive.

Diego Luna’s acting (as Cassian Andor) is perfect. I just hope the series has shown how he met K-2SO. See? Slow. Genevieve O’Reilly is captivating as Mon Mothma. But the recurring characters are much more interesting. Kyle Soller as Syril Karn, Denise Gough as Dedra Meero, and special mention to Wilf Scolding as Captain Vanis Tigo.

Geek Rate

apollo red(Thief Worthy. 2 out of 5 stars). “Andor” falls short of the superb “Rogue One.” Season 2 might be much better, judging from the post-credits. While “Andor” is a huge letdown for me, it still adds to the larger story of Star Wars and I appreciate it. 

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