Geek Film Review Vol. 5 No. 7: American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story

Zachary Levi stars in the inspirational story of NFL star Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner dreams of going into the Super Bowl. The chances of him being recruited into the NFL are low. There are many obstacles along the way. But Warner is determined to show the world the heart of a champion.

Zachary Levi is back. This time he’s not a superhero or a computer geek-turned secret agent. In this biographical sports film, Levi plays the NFL quarterback Kurt Warner. It tells Warner’s incredible story from being an undrafted football player to winning the Super Bowl. 

A story like Warner’s can’t fail to amaze and the screenwriters did a great job in adapting his life for the big screen. There is the usual twist of a sports hero story: starting from the bottom, the challenges and heartaches, and triumphs in the end. There’s also your typical love story arc. So what’s new? “American Underdog” is riveting from start to finish, with no dull moments in between.

I still can’t disassociate Levi from the computer geek Chuck Bartowski, but that’s not a bad thing. Levi is always a joy to watch and he’s still as hot as ever. Though there are few naked scenes of him here, unfortunately. Kidding aside, there are a lot of heartwarming (and heartbreaking) moments here including the scenes with his adoptive kids. Levi delivered a convincing performance. The audience will particularly cheer for him as he makes a name in Arena Football up to his triumph in the NFL.

Geek Rate

ares-512(Mortal Worthy. 3 out of 5 stars). There’s an abundance of inspirational true-to-life stories, including those from sports. What “American Underdog” successfully achieved here is the remarkable portrayal of Warner’s life, one of the amazing stories in the field of sports.

Photo 4-24-22, 11 22 59 PM (2)Reignell Francisco

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