Geek Book Review: “Tight End” by Devon McCormack

A touchdown for Devon McCormack with his new book “Tight End”

NFL star tight end Tad Roarke is the next target of an anti-gay serial killer. Enter FBI agent Bryce Finnegan who is tasked to guard the sports star and a rumored promiscuous cheat. A football player and a hunk bodyguard in one room. This is porn fantasy at its hottest.

Who knew that the most used porn fantasy such as a football player (American football, not the real one) and his bodyguard falling in love together could bring so much thrill and emotion? 

“His blond bangs, drenched with sweat, cling to his forehead. It’s the way they sometimes look after we’ve been f*cking for a while. He hits the bag with a passion and fury that reminds me of when he’s playing ball.

“You need something?” he asks as he stops hitting and turns to me. The front of his white tank is soaked with sweat. His arms glisten in the overhead fluorescent lights.

“You all right?” I ask.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Tight End” could become a guilty pleasure for readers. Author Devon McCormack managed to bring more than just your typical M/M romance story. The plot might be straightforward, but there’s complexity in the characters and their stories that gives this novel more depth.

There’s nothing special or unique about the characters: Tad Roarke is a star football player, super rich, famous, and handsome. Then there’s Bryce Finnegan, an unassuming FBI agent based on those hunk models posing as FBI agents on Tumblr.

“It hurts like hell. I shouldn’t have encouraged him to get inside
me so fast. I should have asked him to pace himself…

Each thrust forces me to grip the headboard I hold with one hand tighter as he fucks me, gazing at me with a serious expression.

He looks angry, as if he’s pissed.
I’m appreciative that he’s granting me this, despite how furious I know he’s
been at me since his d*ck went viral.

I raise a hand and grip the headboard with my other hand to show him that, in this moment, I’m completely submissive to him. ”

The plot as I mentioned is straightforward: Tad is in danger from some anti-gay psycho who is currently on a killing spree, thus the need for protection. Of course, he would fall in love with his bodyguard. What makes the story more interesting than your average porn movie is Tad’s back story. McCormack managed to create a decent character with Tad. The author’s writing about this issue with his dad is unoriginal. But he further inserted some mystery in it with the story of his mother.

“He quickly raises his shirt over his head and kisses me. Our hard c*cks stroke side-by-side against each other’s pelvises. I wrap my arms around him and cling to him tightly.

His expression, filled with such pain when I was beginning, is now twisted into a smirk, reminding me of the asshole faces he makes, but there’s something about this expression. Light. Playful, even. His eyes are closed as he enjoys me being inside him.”

Bryce, on the other hand, was not just placed there to be the eye candy. His character has also some interesting back story. His issue, colliding with Tad’s attitude and disregard for security, makes for a good tension between the two characters.

The mystery about the killer is not obvious (because there’s no effing clue) but the ending is really just your ordinary action movie dénouement. There are no surprises either: a crazy mother, a betrayal from his assistant, etc.

“F*ck, I’m gonna come,” he says. He leans down, kissing me as the bed rocks about with his movements and then settles as his kisses stop. He releases what sounds like a pained scream.

He leans back, slides out, and kisses down my body, sucking up my come as he makes his way to my c*ck. When he reaches it, he licks up the come, and despite how sensitive my d*ck is, I let him enjoy himself.”

The sex scenes were well written. McCormack is really good at writing these scenes, not over the top. It banks on the ordinariness and perfect fantasy of a football player and an FBI agent f*cking. Together, they created a great fantasy for fans of this genre.

“He pulls me away from the frame and carries me into the bedroom, where he leans down and lays me on my back on the bed. I release him as he leans back and continues tearing my ass apart with his d*ck.

A terrible part of me is happy that I said that cruel shit to him if it’s responsible for why he’s taking me like this.

He rubs his hand across my abs, expressing appreciation for the body I work so hard to maintain. His finger creeps toward my navel and settles there as his thumb strokes the surrounding muscles.”

Geek Rate

ares-512(Mortal Worthy. 3 out of 5 stars). I haven’t been impressed by an M/M romance book, not since Damon Suede’s “Pent Up.” Usually, the plots of these genres were trash. Just so the authors could create some poorly-written porn-like book. But like Suede, McCormack is making a mark in the man-to-man genre, elevating it to something worth noticing.

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