Geek Film Review Vol. 5 No. 6: The In Between

Joey King and Kyle Allen star in this science fiction/romance film

It’s not a love story but a tragedy. Tessa loses Skylar in a road accident. She wants to forget the past. But there are signs that the soul of her boyfriend is reaching out from the other side. Can Tessa connect with Skylar before his soul moves on?

I was expecting just another typical YA movie. One Saturday night, with nothing to do but watch a light Netflix movie. But to my pleasant surprise, “The In Between” starring Joey King (The Kissing Booth) and Kyle Allen (The Path) has more depth to it than expected.

King here plays Tessa, a girl who wakes up in a hospital to find out that her boyfriend had died in a road accident. There were flashbacks from when they met and their short time together as Tessa come to terms with her loss. When she became convinced that her dead boyfriend was sending her signals, she visited the special places they’d been to, in an effort to reconnect with him.

Allen is perfect as Skylar (swoon). He’s different here than in the series “The Path”. While his character’s story reeked of YA details (jock, member of a rowing team, lifeguard, handsome, popular, knows everyone in town), his back story manages to keep him from being boring and cliché. His demeanor and the way he acts here will surely make the audience fall in love. How could you not when he’s driving a jeep and speaks fluent French, Italian, and some other languages?

While it’s cheesy, the scene where Skylar is leaning toward Tessa while translating (in English) a French film is somehow magical. On the other hand, in the rowing event where he showed his body? Definitely a click mine for Netflix. For me, the photography aspect is an added bonus.

“The In Between” involves the usual teenage story of falling in love (going on dates, meeting friends and family) but Tessa’s story makes it intriguing and somewhat different. She was adopted, jumping from one foster home to another. Her aloofness and dark outlook in life are in contrast to the happy life of Skylar, whatever his problems are (his parents’ imminent divorce, for example).

The main plot about connecting with a recently departed soul (who is still in the “in-between”) adds a different and interesting layer to the story. I have to mention that the effects were horrendous, seriously, and some of the scenes when they reconnect were a bit corny and cheesy. Having said that, the audience will not fail to cheer the two as they finally found the closure they’ve been searching for.  

Geek Rate

ares-512(Mortal Worthy. 3 out of 5 stars). Isn’t it nice to stumble upon a film (especially on Netflix these days) not expecting anything special, but managed to pleasantly surprise you in the end? “The In Between” is certainly one of those films.

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