Geek Film Review Vol. 5 No. 4: Je Suis Karl

“Je Suis Karl” is a complex and relevant movie about the dangers of domestic terrorism

Maxi, the survivor of a terrorist attack, joins the beguiling student Karl and becomes part of a European youth movement; one that aims for nothing less than seizing power.

The what the f*ck ending is all that you will ever remember from this German-Czech movie. German actor Jannis Niewöhner (Munich: The Edge of War) plays Karl, who at first seems to be this ideal young man. He’s a leader of a youth movement in Europe who befriended Maxi (Lune Wedler). Unbeknownst to her, Karl’s group is responsible for the death of her mother and siblings during the bombing in their apartment. Karl used Maxi in their quest in throwing out immigrants from the continent and seize power from the government. 

I have seen just a few movies featuring Niewöhner but so far I think his acting seems generic and bland. The plot was intriguing enough to glue the audience to the screen but it gets tiring after a while. The gist is this twisted aim of Karl to capitalize on Maxi’s tragedy for their political agenda. The plot was promising but sadly it failed to deliver. Wedler here is the greater actor, veering the story to the end and bringing depth to an otherwise lackluster movie.

Geek Rate

ares-512(Mortal worthy. 3 out of 5 stars). The theme of this movie is relevant as it delved into domestic terrorism. But “Je Suis Karl” has some inconsistencies in its story. While it is disappointing, to say the least, screenwriter Thomas Wendrich’s intention to depict scenes of intolerance and xenophobia is laudable.  

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