This Is Us Series Finale Review

“This Is Us” gives us the series finale everyone is waiting for.

Rebecca Pearson’s illness is getting worse. “The Big Three” needs to navigate their personal lives while bracing for the painful end. What will it look like for the Pearsons without their mother?

“This Is Us” ended with a heart-wrenching story, I can’t even…Seriously, the last few episodes of the series will make you cry non-stop. The end of this phenomenal show focused on Rebecca’s illness and how it affected the Big Three’s life. We got to see the whole story of how Kate broke up with Toby (and married Chris Geere, damn I can’t choose which side I’m on). Kevin got his happy ending in marrying Sophie (finally!) And well, Randolph is still amazing until the end.

The flashbacks are also geared up towards the final moment of Rebecca’s death as are the scenes showing the future of the three. I really like watching the life of the future Jack but I equally enjoyed seeing the other Pearson grandkids. Also, it’s cool that Miguel finally got the spotlight he deserves.

Geek Rate

zeus-512(Sky god worthy. 5 out of 5 stars).   Of course, the story of this series is too perfect to happen in real life. This is the one flaw of “This Is Us” that I haven’t given much thought to. But bits and pieces of it resonate in our lives and the superb script delivered by the brilliant casts transcends this series into something worth remembering. Thank you, Big Three.

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