TV Series Review Vol. 6 No. 3: “WWII in Color: Road to Victory”

Another World War II documentary. In “colour.”

How D-Day Changed the Course of WWII - HISTORY

Gripping historical footage and expert commentary give detailed insights into the leading figures and decisive turning points of WWII.

Another World War II documentary. In “colour.” But this one is different and much more exciting. It has full of information and never-before-seen videos that I thought, having watched tons of WWII videos, seemed impossible. Coupled that with excellent commentaries from experts and, yes, I could watch this stuff over and over again.


I don’t think there’s anything left to discuss about Dunkirk. But hey, it turns out that there’s more. This episode focused not only on the tactics of both the Germans and British but also the political climate in London. How Winston Churchill nearly lose the public’s opinion to continue the war.

The Battle of the Atlantic

The U-Boats business is always a long topic but I like how they highlight that the Germans could have won the war if only Hitler focused his war efforts on building a large fleet at the start, just so to totally cut out Britain.

The Liberation of Paris

The focus on the French guerilla force in Paris and how they almost were crushed by the Nazis was interesting. Especially how Charles de Gaulle ask for the Allied Force to send help. Pretty much the opposite of what Stalin did to Poland.

The Battle of the Philippine Sea

The Battle Leyte Gulf is much more decisive, they should have discussed it instead of this. The accounts here are not that new as well.

The Race for Berlin

Focusing mainly on the crazy race of two Soviet generals to reach Hitler, this one is exciting to watch, partly because of the incredulity of Stalin’s move just to get to Berlin first.


Together with the Iwo Jima episode, I like how the focus of these episodes is mainly because it focused on the battles in these two islands, solidifying the need to use the atomic bomb.

Geek Rate

zeus-512Sky god Worthy. (5 out of 5 stars). “WWII in Color: Road to Victory” is surprisingly more fun to watch than the first one. Mostly because of the new footage and details shared by the experts. You will not be bored watching most of the episodes (except for some).

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