Geek Book Review: Invisibility

The talent of David Levithan to tie the extraordinary to the ordinary shines again in “Invisibility.”

Invisibility by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan

Stephen is used to invisibility. He was born that way. Invisible. Cursed. Elizabeth sometimes wishes for invisibility. When you’re invisible, no one can hurt you. Then Stephen and Elizabeth meet. To Stephen’s amazement, she can see him. To Elizabeth’s amazement, she wants him to be able to see her – all of her. But as the two become closer, an invisible world gets in their way.

The book, co-authored by Andrea Cremer, is about an invisible boy named Stephen and how one day a girl saw him and changes everything.

The story becomes wobbly as the magic component was introduced. It deviated from or sometimes obscured the focus on the love story component of the book. The explanation part of the magic realm was at times confusing, the authors seemed to have a hard time explaining it. The result is that it affects the integration of magic into the real world, making the story unreal. I’ve read enough magic-based stories to know that the world-building process on this one is weak, affecting the plot of the story.

Levithan works with other authors well in this changing point of view set-up (such as “David and David”) But it doesn’t seem to work well with Cramer. Some chapters feel disconnected, like reading two separate stories. Having said that, I like reading Stephen’s POV more than that of the other lead character Elizabeth’s. The spell seeker parts are boring.

Geek Rate

helios-256Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars). “Invisibility” started strong, but the middle part was weak, with just enough push to salvage the end part of the story. It’s a decent book but the promising plot was, in the end, destroyed by a magical system that was really not explained well.

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