TV Series Review Vol. 5 No. 13: The Battle of the Gods in “Troy: Fall of a City”

A different take to the well-known Greek story.

The young mortal Paris has to choose whose goddess is worthy to receive the golden apple, with the inscription “for the most beautiful.” Little did he know that his choice will spark a conflict between two great nations, bringing forth a war that will set sail a thousand ships.

It is apparent even on the first episode that “Troy: Fall of a City” will be very much different from the well-known movie of Brad Pitt. The writers pulled out the inspiration for the series’ storyline from Homer’s works, picking up the most interesting scenes on Iliad and Odyssey and bringing them into life. This is just as well as it has more leeway when it comes to running time.

Having a long-running time doesn’t mean that the audience will be bored with details. Every scene has been given just an ample amount of time. For instance, the Helen and Paris “courtship” was presented in the latter part of episode 1. Stretching this scene out any further would have made the audience lose interest.

I like every time the gods show up, it brings some mystical element to the story without them stealing the spotlight. When it comes to Helen, the focus in her role in Troy’s fall is at best confusing and uninspired. The different ending of Paris was annoying, too. But there’s some good stuff here. Showing the Trojan horse filled with grains and wine was a stroke of brilliance. And yes, let’s talk about the death of Achilles here. It is not that dramatic but Paris on horseback while shooting an arrow was cool. The last scene focused on Odysseus and well his travels might be a focus for the next series.

Geek Rate

ares-512Mortal Worthy (3 out of 5 stars). “Troy: Fall of a City” is much closer to the story we read on Illiad than its predecessors. There’s grandiose in the simplicity of how the gods and heroes were depicted. From the story of Paris during his time as a shepherd, choosing Aphrodite for the golden apple to the gods blessing the heroes before the battle, everything is well laid out without being overdramatic.

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