TV Series Review Vol. 5 No. 12: Spartacus

The story of the most famous gladiator is presented in detail in “Spartacus.”

Spartacus is hailed by the Romans as the bringer of rain, one of the greatest gladiators in the arena. But he is destined for much greater things: to lead the gladiators and free the slaves in the Roman Empire. To do this, he must face the might of Rome and its legions.

“Spartacus” spans four seasons, from the military campaign of Spartacus in Thrace and his downfall as a slave to rising as a gladiator. After Season 1, the series focus on how Spartacus builds his army, freeing slaves, forging bonds, as well as, the politics in the group.

The extreme sex scenes and nakedness might shock some audience but less so than the exacerbated blood and carnage during killings Also, I can’t stand how dirty the scenes are, which I guess kudos to the production team for making it as real as possible.

Season 3 is much more jampacked with actions. The portrayal of the battle at Vesuvius is amazing. The writers up the ante in Season 4, which is natural given the build-up of Spartacus’ story. It is more exciting with the introduction of Julius Caesar and Crassus along with the famous battles between Crassus and Spartacus. It is much closer to known Roman history than the Season 1 story. I was just wondering why they need to create a fictional son of Crassus? Why not just have actors to play his sons Marcus and Publius? To have more license to reimagine the scenes, yes, but they could have done it with or without the fictional Tiberius.

The series deviated from the real events, like the scenes with the pirates and the Sycillian spell but it has a great effect on the story. The introduction of a reimagine Caesar is ingenious but I’m not a fan, knowing the character and story of the man. Seriously, he was raped? Come on. What I like is how they show the detailed process of Crassus’ mind, how he maneuvered the legions in battle. But the triumvirate idea coming from him is false, just to make him wise. Also, it would have been cool if they did invent Spartacus’ real name.

helios-256Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars). The intrigue and twists and turns in “Spartacus” are out of this world. Always unexpected plot. You would think it is not possible for a history-based series. It was intriguing for the audience as they wait how the show will imagine the end of Spartacus or rather the end of the campaign of Spartacus, seeing his end was not clear in history books.

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