May Top TV Series

The series season begins with the return of Dynasty, This is Us, and Special. Plus the new Star Wars series The Bad Batch. Things are getting exciting.

#10 Troy: Fall of a City

down-arrow(Last month’s #3). I’m not going to lie, Louis Hunter is the most handsome actor to play Paris, to date. Paris is being shed into some good spotlight here which is good. With the Greek gods and demigods and heroes battling it out in Troy, this series sure is addicting.


#9 Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch season one, episode one recap: Aftermath

new-logo(New Entry). Not the most exciting Star Wars series. The first episode started with Order 66 featuring Kanan Jarrus (real name: Caleb Dume) to built up the anticipation, but sadly it fails to really get my attention. Familiar characters like Saw Gerrera coupled with new ones should do the trick. We’ll see.

#8 Charité at War

Charité Staffel 2: Infos zu Handlung, Besetzung und Staffel 3 | QUADRATAUGE

new-logo(New Entry). I skipped season 1 because I’m much interested about the story of season 2, with World War II as its backdrop. No, honestly, I just watched this because of Jannik Schümann. So far I’m kind of bored with the story.


#7 Dynasty

Dynasty Season 4: Delayed? Love And Marriage Ahead, Know Upcoming Plot,  Casts, And More

return(Returning). Yes, Dynasty is back! The glamour and the intrigue continue, as well as, the entertaining characters and their ridiculous stories. It’s going to be crazy inside Carington Mansion.

#6 This is Us

Justin Hartley (@justinhartley) | Twitter

return(Returning). Kevin Pearson’s twins are coming. While I’m sorry to say that I’m 10 episodes behind, the story of this series still did not fail to touch our hearts. I heard Chris Geere is on the series? I really have to hurry up and finish watching this.

#5 Special

Special season 2 Netflix release date, cast, trailer and cancellation -  Radio Times

return(Returning). I did not think that “Special” would have a second season. But Ryan is back, and I like this sort of series because its real life, something you can relate. I love the scenes and the backdrop  with the colorful and challenging life of the characters.

#4 Spartacus

Ultimate Guide to STARZ 'Spartacus' | Geeks

retain(Last month’s #4). I’m done with season 1, and skipped season 2 because, really, who cares about Lentulus Batiatus? Honestly, I’m not much interested about the story of Spartacus. But the twist and turns of the events in the series, the surprising plots, and the interesting stories of the characters, make this show a must watch.

#3 The Liberator

down-arrow(Last month’s #2). You know me. History, and Bradley James in one series? Well, count me in. I don’t know about the decision to make this series an animation, but I think this is a bummer because we want to see James without turning him into a cartoon. But after the first episode, the audience will start getting used to it and might appreciate the beauty of the animation technique applied to the series. That and coupled with a nicely adapted screenplay from the book and you have a war story worth watching.

#2 The Last Czars

up-arrow(Last month’s #5). The last three episodes with the revolution are much more exciting to watch and I was almost afraid to finish it, knowing the Romanov Family’s fate. But the last episode showing their captivity is fascinating to watch because of new information that we glimpsed from the experts. The show did not mince words about the direct hand of Vladimir Lenin on the murder of Russia’s last monarchs.

#1 Greatest Events of World War II in Colour

up-arrow(Last month’s #6). You might have think that this documentary is impartial, having discusses the Blitzkrieg and the Pearl Harbor attack. Though it commended the Japanese and the Germans, the impartiality and sense of wanting to elevate the Allies were there, the subjectivity very glaring. It intentionally missed on parts that did not glorify the U.S. and the west like the attacks in Southeast Asia. Yeah, those were the bad parts. But overall, give me a World War II documentary and I will still watch it with gusto.

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