Geek Book Review: Infinity Reaper

The second book of Adam Silvera’s Infinity series

Brighton is now the Infinity Reaper. After drinking the potion that turns him into a specter, he is now ready to be the hero he believes he is destined to become. But can he and the spellwalkers prevent Senator Iron and his sinister plan against the gleamcrafters?

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“Infinity Reaper” is the second book in Adam Silvera’s Infinity series featuring the brothers Emil and Brighton in a world of people with powers known as “gleamcrafters.” It takes off after the events of the first book when Brighton drank the potion which could turn him into a specter, a person who received power through alchemy.

Sadly, the second book failed to plug in the loopholes of the first book, which means the same problems when it comes to its story and the world Silvera built. There are just a lot of problems with the author’s story that make readers just scratch their heads. Like after how many years, do you expect us to believe that a celestial (people with natural powers) and specter hybrid has not come out up until now? Even Brighton being ill was messed up by letting him leave the hospital and suddenly he’s doing fine even before the potion kick in.

The book reeks of corniness, ripoff subplots, and inconsistencies. I thought Brighton knew more about Phoenixes than Emil? Are the “spellwalkers” wanted? If so, come on, they haven’t yet been caught?

Speaking of Brighton, this book primarily focuses on him. This guy is a curious case who believes the universe owes him an awesome power. He’s a bit annoying like that, which means his character build-up is working. Also, I appreciate the societal problems discussed in this book.

Geek Rate

Mortal Worthy (3 out of 5 stars).I’m sorry, but I hate reading lead characters being on the losing side. It’s kind of ok when you do that before a grand finale, but to actually make the entire story about how the leads are always losing makes for a miserable book, and I promise you, you will not enjoy reading it. That’s primarily what Infinity Reaper (and the first book for that matter) will make the readers experience. But hey, I’ve been this far, might as well soldier on until the last book, because, well, the plot is getting interesting anyway.

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