TV Series Review Vol. 5 No. 6: Hitler’s Circle of Evil

A look into the inner workings of Hitler’s circle.

Hitler’s Circle of Evil documents the rise and fall of the most diabolical political figures who paved the way for World War II and the murder of millions of people.

“Hitler’s Circle of Evil” gets more interesting as the Nazi party gained power, unlike other documentaries concerning Hitler’s henchmen, this series is extensive, narrating the beginning of the Nazi party to their downfall. The facts and information narrated by the experts are interesting and make the series irresistible to watch, including the infighting, the behind the scenes, the drama, and the actions of Hitler’s inner circle that paved the way for World War II.

The narration is being directed by the flow of events in post World War I Germany and the events during World War II. But also the narration is based on the German Nazi leaders themselves, with specific episodes for some of the vilest Nazis such as Heydrich so it could focus on the Holocaust, specifically the Nazi’s plan to eliminate the Jews

But the narration of the timeline was sometimes confusing, other times wrong. The series has a tendency to repeat facts about the Nazi leaders over and over again which was kind of tiring at times, and was unnecessarily prolonging the series.

I like that they discussed in length Operation Valkyrie with the German army plot to take over but it didn’t mention the popular general Erwin Rommel which is weird.

The actors did not resemble the evil leaders they were portraying, I mean Rudolf Hess in person compared to the actor who played? I laughed upon seeing him.

Geek Rate

Sky god Worthy (5 out of 5 stars). “Hitler’s Circle of Evil” provides a superb analysis backed by documentary evidences. The series proved how diabolical Hitler’s leaders were, discounting their claims that they were what they called “good Nazis”

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