April Top TV Series

The history jam-packed month continues, from the Hitler’s evil circle to the greatest events in World War II. Here’s our top TV series for April.

#6 Greatest Events of World War II in Colour

retain(Last month’s #6).  The fun thing about this series is not that it managed to colorized Normandy beach (good to know the water is blue) which is oddly weird, but the narrations of experts which details some of the stuff we didn’t know about World War II.

#5 The Last Czars

up-arrow(Last month’s #9). Who says documentary and drama could not work well? “The Last Czar” is pretty hard to sell what with the story being unknown compared to other series of this type. But the narrations help a lot in bringing this piece of history into life.

#4 Spartacus

up-arrow(Last month’s #8). A growing number of Roman Empire-based series is being made available in Netflix and “Spartacus” is among those legit enough to deserve some viewing.  This series brings you a bit of history, fight scenes, intrigue, and a lot of naked bodies.

#3 Troy: Fall of a City

up-arrow(Last month’s #4). I’m not going to lie, Louis Hunter is the most handsome actor to play Paris, to date. Paris is being shed into some good spotlight here which is good. With the Greek gods and demigods and heroes battling it out in Troy, this series sure is addicting.

#2 The Liberator

up-arrow(Last month’s #5). Okay, so I’m getting used to the weird animation of this series and is starting to appreciate it. Though it is still weird to see Bradley James as some sort of cartoons, and frustrating too seeing that I want to see him like, properly. But the story is interesting with tidbits of the battles in Anzio and somewhere in France.

 #1 Hitler’s Circle of Evil

up-arrow(Last month’s #7). The series gets more interesting as the Nazi party gained power. Unlike other documentaries of Hitler’s circle, this is extensive, narrating the beginning of the Nazi party to their downfall. The facts and information narrated by the experts are interesting and make the show irresistible to watch.

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