Geek Book Review: Gone with the Mind

And in this moment, all the fundamental antinomies are reconciled…Writer and reader. Fiction and nonfiction. Past and present. And the mind that abides and the mind that is gone.

Mark Leyner begins reading his life’s story inside a food court. His only audience: his mom. Funny, painful, crazy but real, Leyner tells us his stories from different perspectives.

This semi-autobiographical work of Mark Leyner is a roller coaster ride: funny, painful, and crazy. Gone with the Mind is primarily the author’s life, told by Leyner himself. The biography/novel is about Leyner reading in a food court with only his mother in the audience. It’s him talking about his experiences from childhood to adulthood. Not too exciting when you put it that way. But his musings about life and his relationship with his mother are so addicting to read.

How the fuck did this all happen? How the fuck did things ever get to this point? How the fuck did I end up becoming the person I am now?

I love “Gone with the Mind” for the simple fact that it is addicting to read. It will depress you, make you laugh, and make you examine life itself. There are stories repeated multiple times and examined on different sides, which is great. I know this might be a boring book for some, but once you open up its pages, you will never stop reading it.

Geek Rate

helios-256Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars). “Gone with the Mind” is surreal and real at the same time. Mark Leyner definitely wrote a crazy semi-autobiography on this one. This is an escape from reality into one’s mind, which ultimately tells us lessons in life itself.

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