TV Series Review Vol. 5 No. 5: Knightfall

The search for the Holy Grail in “Knightfall.”

The Holy Grail was lost during the Battle of Acre and the Knights Templar retreats from the holy land. After the death of his master, Templar Landry du Lauzon embarks on a journey in search for the Holy Grail, a quest that can change the destiny of Europe.

History Channel’s fiction drama focuses on the Knights Templar and the search for the Holy Grail. While the show focused on the historical fall of the Knights Templar in France, it has a fictional character with the name of Landry du Lauzon, Templar master in Paris and his search for the Grail.

The plot of “Knightfall” is weak. The circumstances on how the grail was hidden was messy, the way it was discovered is too complex which bugged down the entire story. There are shining moments particularly the assassination of the Prince of Catalan but even that failed to smoothly be incorporated to the plot. The battle for the grail as the main focus could have been much more exciting. Before watching this series, I did not think that it is impossible to have a series focusing on the Holy Grail to be uninteresting, “Knightfall” has proven me wrong.

Geek Rate

ares-512Mortal Worthy (3 out of 5 stars). Despite a lackluster first season, “Knightfall” is a promising series with the possible alliance of the kingdoms in Europe against Vatican. The search for the missing Holy Grail was central to the show, and now that it was found with its secrets yet to unfold, the series should’ve been more exciting. Let’s see if it could redeem itself in Season 2. Because of that, and due to its fascinating historical angle, I’m still giving it 3 stars.

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