Geek Film Review Vol. 4 No. 5: People Like Us

Chris Pine stars in this film about two siblings and the importance of family.

Corporate trader Sam Harper violated federal law. Upon the death of his estranged father, Sam might have a solution to his problem. Until he finds out about his long-lost sibling. Will he try to save himself or fulfill the dying wish of his father to reconnect with his sister?

Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks star in this film about two siblings (half-siblings) who meet each other after their father’s death. The film is a bit slow at first as Pine’s character Sam Harper dominated the early part of the story, but it gets more interesting as we meet Frankie (played by Banks) and how Sam befriended her without revealing who he really is. There’s a conflict that involves money and Sam here is in a pretty tight situation. All of this changes as he gets to know more about his long-lost sister and his nephew.

It’s rare to find a film, a good one, about this kind of theme that I genuinely like. Honestly, I have no high hopes for this film but it turns out as a surprise. You can feel the suspense as Sam holds on to this secret but also what I like about “People Like Us” is that the storyline is not forced. Sam’s dilemma is in the spotlight in this film, the scenes with him and Frankie and his nephew among the most touching parts.

“Everything you think is important isn’t. Everything you think isn’t, is.”

Geek Rate

helios-256Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars). “People Like Us” proves that you don’t need a complicated story about siblings to be a good film. The very simplicity of the story is what makes this film stand out. It resonates with real life and the actors did an amazing job in bringing justice to the film.

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