Geek Film Review Vol. 4 No. 4: Mary Queen of Scots

The life of one of Europe’s highly romanticized characters .

After the death of King Francis II of France, Mary Stuart returns to Scotland. There, she will navigate the complex Scottish politics while fighting off the attacks from Queen Elizabeth’s court. For she is the legitimate heir to the throne of England, and the British knows it.

While the world is veering away from the monarchs (but still cannot move on from the Duchess of Sussex’s Oprah interview), Netflix has decided to release yet another film of a controversial British monarch.

“Mary Queen of Scots” about, you guessed it, Mary, the Queen of Scotland, who if you didn’t know, was beheaded by the order of Queen Elizabeth for treason. The film focused on the life of Mary during her return to Scotland, navigating through the Scottish (and British) politics to take control of her kingdom. What I particularly like about the film is its exploration of the complex and deep relationship between the two cousins Mary and Elizabeth.

Geek Rate

ares-512Mortal Worthy (3 out of 5 stars). There are historical inaccuracies with the film, with some scenes made just so for cinematic effect. It also failed to portray with justice some of the important events of Mary’s life in Scotland, due mainly to its limited running time. But the film shines best when it focused on the relationships of the historical characters, and how their stories shape Britain and Scotland during that time. Absolving Elizabeth at the end is a great crime, in my opinion. I mean come on, she wanted Mary dead, we all know that.

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