Geek Film Review Vol. 4 No. 2: Kapoor & Sons

Two brothers, a dysfunctional family, and a secret that could tear them apart.

Brothers Rahul and Arjun Kapoor return to India after their grandfather suffers from a heart attack. In their childhood home, Arjun has to face his issues with his family, especially his estranged brother Rahul, for him to be able to see a clear path on his future. But could he forgive Rahul for stealing his novel and his career?

I like watching the natural chemistry and tension between the two brothers. The story about them being rival novelists is not new but the treatment of how the conflict between them unraveled is different. The arguments between the members of the family were at times, too noisy to watch, but it pushes the storyline forward. There are enough light moments to balance the heaviness of the story. The setting of the film suites the story, giving a glimpse of the other side of India.

Geek Rate

Mortal Worthy (3 out of 5 stars). Unlike other Bollywood films, Kapoor & Sons doesn’t show much of Indian cultures like weddings and stuff (but there’s still dancing of course). It focuses mainly on the family drama with just enough touch of a love story to keep it interesting. Films in this genre tend to fall into the overdramatic, but this film managed to set just the right tone with a storyline that somehow familiar yet surprising at the same time. It is heartwarming and a wonder to watch.

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