Monthly Top TV Series

It’s 2021! Here’s our top TV series for January from the return of the “Iron Fist” to the Windsors in “The Crown.”

#9 Iron Fist

Honestly, I just want to see Danny Rand here and the fight scenes. What with the chaotic storyline and somewhat underwhelming power of this superhero, it’s quiet a bore to watch “Iron fist” sometimes. But this series has its moments.

#8 Cobra Kai

Season 1 became a hit because it was addicting to watch. The excitement carries on in Season 2 but sadly fizzles out midway through the episodes. The series is still worth watching though, with old and new characters and the story arc. And don’t forget the action scenes!

#7 The Last Czar

Who says documentary and drama could not work well? “The Last Czar” is pretty hard to sell what with the story being unknown compared to other series of this type. But the narrations help a lot in bringing this piece of history into life.

#6 This is Us

While Kate and Randall’s stories are interesting, I mostly am glued right now with this show because of Kevin’s developing story. His siblings have had their limelight in the past seasons, and Kevin’s, I think, has arrived.

#5 Roman Empire

Season 1: Reign of Blood features the story of Commodus which was interesting in itself. Add to it was the actors who played Commodus and Cleander and you are in for a treat. While I have learned something new about the Roman Empire in this series, I disagree with the historians on some of their theories surrounding Commodus. I can’t wait for Season 2.

#4 The Queen’s Gambit

Admit it, you watch “The Queen’s Gambit” just for the chess matches. And damn those matches were lit. The storyline of this series is excellent but sometimes a bore and the matches can be frustrating to watch if you don’t know chess that well.

#3 Travels with My Father

Season 4 in Australia is not as funny as those in the past seasons in Europe or in Asia, the places they visited not that interesting. But Jack Whitehall’s signature comedy shines bright in this season, with of course his father in tow.

#2 Knightfall

An interesting take on the history of the Knights Templar, “Knightfall” is an engaging series, a combination of “Merlin” and “Marco Polo.” Tom Cullen’s acting here is superb. He plays as Landry de Lauzon, the master of the Knights Templar in France, and while this bit of France’s history under King Philip is not that fun, the mystery surrounding the Holy Grail will keep the audience glued on their screens.

#1 The Crown

There’s no need to say the fact that “The Crown” is an excellent series to watch. This series makes me hate and sympathize with Prince Charles at the same time and I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. Watching the life of the royals is intriguing as always as the audience are well aware of the fact that there’s a touch of reality here. The actors are superb of course, kudos to Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin.

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