2020 Geek Prize Movie Pick: Jojo Rabbit

We present our top movie picks this year from the second “Zombieland” movie “Double Tap” to this year’s movie pick: “Jojo Rabbit.”

Top 10: Self Made (USA)

Geek Score: 3.16/5.00

Top 9: Zombieland (Double Tap) (USA)

Geek Score: 3.40/5.00

You don’t have to solve any codes to enjoy this movie. That’s what I like with “Zombieland: Double Tap.” You just sit their, relax, and enjoy watching a horde of zombies. There’s also an exploding zombie brain courtesy of a watermelon. So there you go.

Top 8: 5 Feet Apart (USA)

Geek Score: 3.45/5.00

There’s your typical YA story ingredient at the start of the movie. The need for a problem that will keep the two protagonists apart is always present in love stories, and “Five Feet Apart” has it, literally and readily made. “I don’t mind stealing one foot back,” says Will to Stella and so the story takes off after that.

Top 7: All the Freckles in the World (Mexico)

Geek Score: 3.63/5.00

Top 6: Naked As We Came (USA)

Geek Score: 3.76/5.00

The simplicity of the film is what makes it work: the four characters smoking pot under a clear blue sky, Laura singing on a quiet night, Ted and Elliot’s conversations. There’s some melodrama in the story (which can’t be helped) with a ‘what the eff is that?’ subplot. But overall, “Naked As We Came” is a nice surprise.

Top 5: The Accountant of Auschwitz (Canada)

Geek Score: 4.11/5.00

Top 4: Steel (USA)

Geek Score: 4.15/5.00

As an independent film goes, “Steel” is decently good. It is a very difficult story right at best and I could admire the effort of the writers to turn the story into something profound, especially its focus on mental illness. Many films in this genre will just put emphasis on the nude scenes to attract more audience but the fact that “Steel” tries to mix both the sensual scenes while discussing its central theme is a huge plus.

Top 3: The Two Popes (USA)

Geek Score: 4.17/5.00

Top 2: Die Mitte der Welt (Germany)

Geek Score: 4.23/5.00

The main success of “Die Mitte der Welt” is that it captured the emotionally charged teenage drama of the book. Phil narrating the story is a way to be faithful with the soul of the book, but the varying plots, and Erwa’s failure to seamlessly unite these plots to one clear story, throws the movie into moments of confusion.

Top 1: Jojo Rabbit (USA)

Geek Score: 4.35/5.00

Through the eyes of a 10-year old, “Jojo Rabbit,” in its own way, gives us a look of how evil, if left unchecked, spreads in a society: funny and sad at the same time. There will always be criticisms (on both sides) when it comes to films like this, but the important thing is that the message has been sent. To white supremacists and other similar forms of evil behaviors around the world: we are watching.

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