2020 Geek Prize: “Community” is our Best TV Series of the Year

We present our 2020 list of top TV series .

Top 10: Crash Landing on You

Geek Score: 3.10/5.00

Whether intentionally or not, its very incredulity is what makes it addicting to watch. The political controversy arising from the series is expected. I will not dawdle with the correctness of the political and cultural portrayal of both North and South here. Throw your critical thinking cap and just watch and chill. With “Crash Landing on You,” one thing is different. The main character did not die of any illness. Sorry for the spoiler.

Top 9: Travels with My Father

Geek Score: 3.15/5.00

If I would choose between a history/documentary show and a travel show, I would definitely choose a travel show. Hey, I’m not that much of a geek. Jack Whitehall is a really funny guy in a TV series setting but he shines best in an unscripted (sort of) show. The show portrayed the usual countries for travelers but it visits the most unusual places. This is not your ordinary travel show and with Whitehall bringing along his father (and Winston, his doll brother), traveling has never been more fun.

Top 8: Freud

Geek Score: 3.21/5.00

Finster is perfect in his role as Freud. Amid the craziness of the story, or perhaps because of it, I was captivated by how Finster played the character of a drug-addicted, almost horny doctor. The depth of his portrayal of Freud in this series is, for lack of a better word, just plain awesome.

Top 7: Dash and Lily

Geek Score: 3.22/5.00

While most YA adaptation shows fall short, “Dash and Lily” (based on the young adult series Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn) was surprisingly good. This series might change people’s view about books being adopted into TV series. Relatively predictable and surprising at the same time, “Dash and Lily” brings some depth with its screenwriting. Let the holidays begin all over again.

Top 6: The Crown

Geek Score: 3.41/5.00

My plan was to just preview this series, and as is the fate of countless series in my Netflix account, it will be forgotten in the “continue to play” section, bumped off by another series that I will also fail to finish. But “The Crown” was full of surprises. This is the only series that I could watch doing something but still be engrossed at the same time. And it’s fun to pretend to be a royalty while you’re at it.

Top 5: This is Us

Geek Score: 3.59/5.00

Well, this is no surprise. Like Canada winning the gold medal in Olympic hockey, India-Americans slaughtering other kids in the Spelling Bee, or the Philippines getting the Miss Universe crown. Every episode of “This is Us” never failed touch our hearts, and with 5 seasons now, that is something of a feat.

Top 4: House of Cards

Geek Score: 3.60/5.00

There are countless White House series out there: Scandal, The Designated Survivor, Madame Secretary. “House of Cards” is way too different, and weird, but at the same time real. You will be glued to your screen every episode, and like every other addicting series, will click “next episode” after the other one was finished.

Top 3: How To Sell Drugs Online Fast

Geek Score: 3.75/5.00

What makes “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” so good to watch is the fact that its concept is absurd but weirdly the audience can relate to it. The world of Gen Z with its problems was shown with a touch of honesty and the occasional humor. Season 2 ends with a high note, and we expect Season 3 to have the answers on some questions the series left behind.

Top 2 : Hunters

Geek Score: 4.04/5.00

“Hunters,” despite its flaws, is quite a series. While it is a fiction, there’s something uniquely harrowing in watching imagined scenes in the death camps. It is different compared to documentaries. Equally, there’s something satisfying in watching those Nazi bastards be killed. I am disturbed by it, but I am telling it as it is.

Top 1: Community

Geek Score: 4.63/5.00

Every good bit that you’re looking for in a TV series is here. You think it’s impossible to watch a series with 6 seasons in one go? Try watching “Community.” There’s unparalleled comedy in here and depth and just plain brilliance from its writers and actors. For showing us that a study group can be more than else, “Community” is our best TV series of 2020.

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