Top 10 Best TV Series (July)

We’re in the second half of our monthly top TV series list. For July, there are some returning shows such as the season 2 of “The Young Pope” now called “New Pope,” and the German Gen-Z series “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast).” Viel Spaß beim Stöbern und lesen!

#10 Angelos House (down from last month’s #9) -Germany

From Angelos House Episode 11

down-arrowEpisode 11’s highlight includes Aaron playing Lego saying “Lego is cool.” And we agree, double thumbs up for that. Featuring German model Angelo Carlucci, Angelos House is funny and light, the banters are reminiscent of Two and a Half Men‘s comedy albeit no sons here.  Angelos House is in German but with subtitles. –Geekgod Review

#9 Ragnarok (up from last month’s #10) -Norway

up-arrowWe’re not sure how much real action Ragnarok is going to have, and we hope subsequent episodes are better-paced. But it’s still a novel approach to the usual Norse legend story, and should be fun to watch. -Decider

#8 New Pope (Returning from “The Young Pope”) -Italy

return“The New Pope” has a lot to say about the church’s role in the modern world, its significance to socio-political events, and what’s expected of its leaders — and it says it with a sharpened edge. -Indie Wire

#7 Good Girls (Returning) -USA

returnThis is kind of a different series with an interesting plot: three normal mothers who became involved in crimes but still trying to be normal for their family and be good persons. The plot is not believable but the actors in it are really great and really funny. 

#6 Bolivar (up from last month’s #7) -Colombia

up-arrowThis series is for history buffs and the audience in South America familiar with his story. In other words, this is not a series that would get international attention. But those who seek to learn more about this polarizing figure will definitely enjoy watching this series. –Geekgod Review

#5 Sweet Magnolias (Unchanged) -USA

retainI cannot in good faith describe this show as “good” but I also can’t deny that it knows exactly what it’s trying to be. There’s nothing deceitful about that, which, in today’s glut of depressing reality, counts for something. -The Guardian

#4 Please Like Me (up from last month’s #6) -Australia

up-arrowThis is not a series which you could just casually watch because every episode of the show is riveting and fun, and just plain simple but real. The dynamics of the actors with each other is great bringing out the humor in the show while not losing its raw story and humanity of the characters. –Geekgod Review

#3 How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (Returning) -Germany

returnThere are TV series that when you finished it, you would want to see the next season immediately. That’s the mark of an interesting series, and “How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” is surely one of those rare ones. -Geekgod Review

#2 House of Cards (New) -USA

new-logoWith any luck, however, now that House of Cards has afforded Frank Underwood the power he so resolutely chased, season 3 will see it develop away from such simple and obvious machinations to explore the more complex (and potentially rewarding) facets of a government brimming with pessimism and corruption. -Screen Rant Season 2 review

#1 Community (Unchanged) -USA

retainCommunity may be the trickiest comedy on TV. For pop culture connoisseurs, it’s like a delicious, greasy, but still organic feast: any given episode (like the great Halloween one) is a tightly constructed, au courant homage to worn-out stories, plot cliché, and character archetypes — it’s an inspired take on a lack of inspiration; a celebration of what makes pop culture bad that makes it uproariously good. –The TV Addict

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