Top 10 Best TV Series (May)

Hollywood dreamers, magic and war, and a college study group. Here’s our Top 10 Geek list for this month’s best TV series.

#10 The Letter for the King (New)

new-logoHands up who fancies leaving Earth, exiting the 21st century – or both? Netflix’s The Letter for the King might not be the greatest adventure series, but its offer of an alternative reality is eerily well timed. –The TV Addict

#9 Please Like Me (Unchanged)

retainThis is not a series which you could just casually watch because every episode of the show is riveting and fun, and just plain simple but real. The dynamics of the actors with each other is great bringing out the humor in the show while not losing its raw story and humanity of the characters. –Geekgod Review

#8 Looking for Alaska (New)

new-logoThe show admittedly has to toe a tricky line since one of Alaska’s most defining qualities is that she plays her cards extremely close to the chest. She doesn’t want anyone to know her, and so the show, too, has trouble unveiling who she is. The best that “Looking for Alaska” can do is to make the “Alaska” of it all impossible to ignore. -Variety

#7 Bolivar (Returning)

returnThis series is for history buffs and the audience in South America familiar with his story. In other words, this is not a series that would get international attention. But those who seek to learn more about this polarizing figure will definitely enjoy watching this series. –Geekgod Review

#6 Freud (Down from Last Month’s #3)

down-arrowI think it’s fair game to use a well-known figure in history as a protagonist to a fictional story. But Kren’s “Freud” is just too much. Viewers will be lost in its dark theme, goriness, and, to be blunt, plain ridiculousness of the whole narrative. The saving grace in the series was the actors’ performance. They were just captivating to watch. So much so that the audience will be deep in their stories without even noticing. –Geekgod Review

#5 Dynasty (Up from Last Month’s #7)

up-arrowThis is a series that can you call your guilty pleasure, the one you can press play when you just want to chill and laugh. The story gets more and more ridiculous with revelations that are not going to happen in real life but makes the show more fun to watch. This is what I like about this series, the shocking ending every episode that will make you press “next.” –Geekgod Review

#4 Hollywood (New)

new-logoThe major flaw of “Hollywood” is its assumption that those in the entertainment industry could change the world with one movie. It could create a ripple, but like what Robert F. Kennedy said, it will take a thousand ripples to create a wave that could change history. The series means well, it is entertaining, but the black girl who nearly jumped from the top of the Hollywood sign sadly failed to move us. –Geekgod Review

#3 Star Wars: Clone Wars (Up from Last Month’s #6)

up-arrowThere are 12 episodes in this season, I just wished they used it all to give the fans more details of the end part of the Clone Wars. But the overlapping parts of the movie and this series gave us excitement while watching it, more than what the Han Solo movie gave us. The story of the Clone Wars is nearly at its end, completing the pieces of a puzzle to a story that started a long time ago, in a faraway galaxy. –Geekgod Review

#2 Champions (New)

new-logoChampions is a promising comedy, one that doesn’t arrive quite as fully formed as recent NBC gems like The Good Place or Great News, whose time slot it has inherited, but that offers enough funny moments and bright spots to place it squarely in the good category. -Vulture

#1 Community (Up from Last Month’s #5)

up-arrowCommunity may be the trickiest comedy on TV. For pop culture connoisseurs, it’s like a delicious, greasy, but still organic feast: any given episode (like the great Halloween one) is a tightly constructed, au courant homage to worn-out stories, plot cliché, and character archetypes — it’s an inspired take on a lack of inspiration; a celebration of what makes pop culture bad that makes it uproariously good. –The TV Addict

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