The TV Series Review Vol. 4 No. 5: Rewriting History in “Hollywood”

Imagine a 1940s where black, Asians, and women win major Oscars.

In Hollywood, everyone wants to make their dreams come true. When director Raymond Ainsley pushes for a movie that will star a black woman, there is stiff opposition and the backlash is swift. But in a stroke of luck, Avis Amberg, a woman, takes on the helm of Ace Productions. The production staff of “Meg” can now carry on with shooting their movie but they will have to face difficulties ahead. It is a long road to the Oscars.

And the Oscar goes to…

“Hollywood” has good intentions: envision what the world would look like if the entertainment industry embraced diversity early on. But sadly in the process, this series might have done some more damage than the good stuff it wants to leave behind.

In “Hollywood,” we have a black screenwriter, black actress, Asian director, Asian actress, and lots of gay characters all in the 1940s. This is really like being in Disneyland where all people are happy. The characters are like angels doing good deads all over the place, with antagonists turning to be just as good as the angels, with their redeeming qualities. In short, it downplays some of the evil acts of these characters. While the series shows the evil side of Hollywood: homophobia, racism, machismo, it inadvertently made these all seem to be okay.

In trying to write an alternate history, “Hollywood” was dangerously close in subverting the heroes in our history. Those people whose actions, in and out of the entertainment industry, made our world a much better place.

Geek Rate

ares-512Geek Rate: Mortal Worthy (3 out of 5 stars). The major flaw of “Hollywood” is its assumption that those in the entertainment industry could change the world with one movie. It could create a ripple, but like what Robert F. Kennedy said, it will take a thousand ripples to create a wave that could change history. The series means well, it is entertaining, but the black girl who nearly jumped from the top of the Hollywood sign sadly failed to move us.

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