The TV Series Review Vol. 4 No. 4: Closing the loop in Star Wars Clone Wars Season 7

“Soon the galaxy will be remade…”

The Clone Wars is near its end. Darth Maul has revealed the future: a grim end to the Republic. As the Siege of Mandalore begins, so is the final stages being executed in the Republic capital of Coruscant. Ahsoka Tano, the padawan who left the Jedi Order, aims to track and kill Maul once and for all. But is she ready to know the truth about the dark path of her former master, Anakin Skywalker?

I’m so glad that “Star Wars: Clone Wars” returns, if only to bring back what a decent animated Star Wars series should look like. Disney’s “Star Wars Rebels” is a crime when it comes to animation, I always missed Clone Wars when watching it.

The first three episodes deal with the clones which is fine with me as those are filled with action, showing the campaign on Anaxes. I did miss the Republican gunships and the clones, and is happy that they’re back. Ahsoka Tano returns in the middle part, giving the fans the much-awaited story of what happened to her when she left the Jedi Order. Those episodes were just ‘meh, alright,’ but once she and Anakin Skywalker met again, that’s when things started to get interesting.

Episode 9 closes the loop in the Clone Wars story with the story connecting with the “Revenge of the Sith” timeline. The opening gives a glimpse of the Jedi masters being sent to the planets where they will meet their end during Order 66. The two well-known clone squads, 501st, led by Captain Rex and 212th, led by Commander Cody were there, signaling the near end of the war’s story. The Siege of Mandalore is center in the subsequent episodes but the series also indicates that the event was also parallel with the Battle of Coruscant. As a nod to the continuation of the Star Wars story, Kanan Jarrus, the padawan who survived Order 66, was shown in a hologram with his master.

Geek Rate

ares-512Geek Rate: Mortal Worthy (3 out of 5 stars). There are 12 episodes in this season, I just wished they used it all to give the fans more details of the end part of the Clone Wars. But the overlapping parts of the movie and this series gave us excitement while watching it, more than what the Han Solo movie gave us. I will update this article, after the series finale, with two episodes more to go. The story of the Clone Wars is nearly at its end, completing the pieces of a puzzle to a story that started a long time ago, in a faraway galaxy.

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