2018 Geek Prize: “Rise” is our Best TV Series of the Year

We present our 2018 list of top TV series from the story of Dr. Bull’s team to the heroic students in “Rise”.

Top 10: Bull

There’s something mesmerizing about watching this show. This is not your usual show where you could pause it. Okay so maybe you can but you’ll just find yourself so immersed in it that before you know it the show’s over.

Bull doesn’t have the qualities critics are looking for before they hand out awards, but the way the whole team of Dr. Bull works in unraveling their clients’ stories, the way it was presented, deserves an award in itself, despite the fact that it is so not real, Dr. Bull’s technic we mean.

Link: https://geekgodreview.wordpress.com/2018/04/28/the-tv-series-review-vol-2-no-7/

Top 9: Legion

In the second season, David Haller was found a year after Amahl Farouk / Shadow King escaped in the body of Oliver Bird, and he was kidnapped by a strange orb.

This series at the very start is a different level of crazy but the art on every scene mesmerized us. There is something sad and dark about watching this show, which should be the case, but the intriguing plot and the scenes will leave you guessing and are a good exercise of the mind if you’re up to the challenge.

Link: https://geekgodreview.wordpress.com/2018/04/15/the-tv-series-review-vol-2-no-6/

Top 8: Star Wars Rebels

We felt shortchanged as the story jump from the final Battle of Lothal to the end of the empire and mentioning the Battle of Endor just a little! I mean what was that? We looked forward to the rebels participating in these battles but Disney failed to give us just that.

So, of course, all the Jedi in the show died, giving way to Luke Skywalker. The finale was Ezar’s Return of the Jedi and we’re glad that he did not turn into the dark side (unlike that certain Jedi named Anakin). But seriously it’ll be nice to know the reaction of the Ghost team upon learning the existence of other Jedi. And what about Ashoka? Did she participate in the Battle of Endor or any other battles leading to it? We’d like to know! But sadly Disney did not think it is important for us, abruptly ending the show. Don’t get us wrong, the finale story was amazing but not fit for an end of the show episode. We hate Disney.

Link: https://geekgodreview.wordpress.com/2018/03/24/the-tv-series-review-vol-2-no-4/

Top 7: Scandal

We say goodbye to one of our most loved shows. We thank Olivia Pope for keeping us entertained every week with their drama and unbelievable actions. It gets boring sometimes, but the fact that we never left the show says something.

There’s no Thursday Scandal to look forward to now, and we believe we would not be able to see such show again, but the scenes and the characters will be remembered. White hats off.

Link: https://geekgodreview.wordpress.com/2018/05/05/top-tv-series-of-april-timeless/

Top 6: Roman Empire

If you like historical soft porn, well, there’s something for every orientation. This show is an equal opportunity objectifier, so, at least there’s that.

True to documentary form, there are several historians who give context and commentary on Commodus and his time. How they sleep at night given the many historical inaccuracies in the show is anyone’s guess.

The English version is narrated by Sean Bean, and one of the most surprising features of the show is that Sean Bean doesn’t die. Not even once. Kinda threw me for a loop.

Link: http://www.thathistorynerd.com/2017/03/documentary-review-roman-empire-reign.html

Top 5: The Good Doctor

It’s easy to just watch this show and not worry about anything else, except the patients’ problems. Dr. Murphy is really fun to watch with people giving him license to ask weird questions or give embarrassing comments.  It is fun to watch how he learned from the stories of patients and how he is slowly discovering the sad, happy, and confusing life of the outside world.

The stories of the new episodes were, as always, heartwarming, but without the heavy baggage that sometimes leaves the audience suicidal. Their stories do not always have a happy ending, and though some scenes were out of touch with reality, its stories are as real as it can get, like looking at the stories of real people: smiling at their happiness, and crying for their predicaments, all the while learning from it.

Link: https://geekgodreview.wordpress.com/2018/03/24/the-tv-series-review-vol-2-no-4/

Top 4: Iron Fist

After a very slow and soap opera-y start, Marvel’s Iron Fist noticeably improved around its midpoint. Episodes four through seven, along with portions of later episodes, exhibited a confidence and more stylized sequences that were lacking in most of the other episodes.

The show’s most comic book-y moments were also some of its most fun, from appearances by Marvel Comics characters making their live-action debuts to seeing what the iron fist itself can do. Unfortunately, no amount of fan-service can make up for the multitude of things that didn’t work on the show.

Link: https://www.ign.com/articles/2017/03/17/marvels-iron-fist-season-1-review

Bronze Award: Timeless

The show that was saved by online fans, Timeless writers tried heavily to please its US audience by featuring US-only history which is a bummer. But never mind. We still like watching history come to life and meeting well-known historical figures, as well as, the show’s noble way of introducing to its audience the little less known ones.

Abigail Leigh Spencer’s performance throughout the show, especially during the finale, deserves an award but as much as we like to see her performance and to learn new historical events every week, we feel that the audience deserves a more solid show featuring such events. We need a show with themes like that of Timeless but make the plot more legit please and of course, we need to renew the show, stat!

Link: https://geekgodreview.wordpress.com/2018/05/23/renew-or-not-our-tv-series-verdict/

Silver Award: This is Us

The whole unraveling of Jack as a person, the unmasking of the real Jack who we all think of as a hero vis-a-vis the revelation about his death was impressive episode writing. This made Jack more human and more of a hero with all his flaws. The actors as usual were superb. It seems nothing on this series could get wrong.

Link: https://geekgodreview.wordpress.com/2018/02/04/the-tv-series-review-vol-2-no-1/

Best TV Series of 2018 Gold Award: Rise

Amid the jumble of TV shows with murder, explosions, and yet more murders, Rise stood out amongst all of them because it’s just a simple story of ordinary folks’ struggles and dreams.

The beauty of this show lies in its effort to voice out the many issues that are out there for years now, and yet as was before, these issues are still frowned upon, even censored. The use of music, the theater arts, to voice out these problems is laudable. The actors in this show are all great, they mirror reality at its worst and at its best, making us see our own stories in the process.

It’s comforting to know that there are still shows like this that we badly need, given the chaotic scenes outside our screens. The fact that this show was canceled while other trashy TV shows are renewed speaks a lot of our society today.

This show should be renewed, there is no question about it, but even if it didn’t, its story and the inspiration it gave the audience, is worth more than a hundred seasons of a TV show.

Link: https://geekgodreview.wordpress.com/2018/05/23/renew-or-not-our-tv-series-verdict/

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