FIFA World Cup 2018 Fearless Forecast

Here’s our fearless forecast for the FIFA World Cup 2018 quarterfinals to the Final match. We predict that France and Spain will meet on the Final as Brazil will falter (again) on the semifinals, while Sweden will see their golden age of football as they soared up to the semifinals.

world cup prediction official

Round of 16

Uruguay vs Portugal


Adrien-SilvaPortugal’s midfield with Silvas Bernardo and Adrien should be hard to crack when they do their work and of course all eyes are with Cristiano Ronaldo but Pepe and Ricardo Quaresma and another Silva, Andre, could rake in the goal they need to beat a veritable Uruguay side.

France vs Argentina

french-flag-large argentinian-flag-large

lucas hernandez 6

We really like Lionel Messi, and he is the greatest footballer there is, but a solid team with Benjamin Pavard and Lucas Hernandez as defenders,  and with then duo now trio of Olivier Grioud, Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann, we couldn’t see Argentina beating this team, unless Messi’s other team mates step up.

Spain vs Russia

spanish-flag-large russian-flag-large

Aleksandr-Golovin-979271This is an easy one though the surprises of this World Cup tells us not to write off any teams. David de Gea is a strong goal keeper, and all their defenders will be hard to get pass by with Gerald Pique, Nacho and Alvaro Odriozola. Saul in midfield can shine too. Russia will lean on Aleksandr Golovin again for an elusive single goal.

Croatia vs Denmark

800px-Flag_of_Croatia.svg 2000px-Flag_of_Denmark.svg

pjacaThis is a hard one but after a strong performance versus Argentina, we expect Croatia to beat Denmark especially after the latter’s abysmal performance versus France. Marko Pjaca should deliver for his country.

Brazil vs Mexico

brazilian-flag-large mexican-flag-large

Brazil-v-Colombia-Quarter-Final-Mens-Football-Olympics-Day-8We expect Brazil to beat Mexico especially after their humiliating loss versus Sweden. Alisson is a very goal keeper than can shine in replacement of Manuel Neuer of Germany. We expect the goals will come from Thiago Silva, Philippe Coutinho and of course from Neymar.

Belgium vs Japan

belgium flag japanese-flag-large

maxresdefaultJapan should be punished after dillydallying against Nigeria. Belgium is a world class team that should have no problem with this one. Toby Alderweireld, Kevin de Bruyne and Dries Mertens will be expected to rake in the goals. Their midfield led by Thorgan Hazard also will be hard to crack.

Sweden vs Switzerland

swedish-flag-large swiss-flag-large

spo6Remo Freuler is a good midfielder but Switzerland needs good strikers to get pass the good wall defenders of Sweden. Granit Xhaka and  Xherdan Shaqiri should deliver the goods again for Switzerland. For Sweden, Seb Larsson is expected to step up, as well as,  Marcus Berg. We go for Sweden on this one seeing that their defense is great.

Colombia vs England

colombian-flag-large aenglish-flag-large

jordan hendersonIf James Rodríguez is still injured and Colombia cannot find a veritable striker, then they will have a problem against the over rated Harry Kane and his England team. But this team should be easily defeated by the much talented and decent squad of Colombia.


Portugal vs France



France-v-Bulgaria-2018-World-Cup-Qualifying-European-Zone-Group-AOlivier Grioud, Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann can match up the talent of Cristiano Ronaldo, but if Andre Silva, Pepe, and Cedric Soares and the others will step up, Portugal will certainly defeat France which will not be the case seeing the abysmal performance of Portugal, plus France has a younger side compared to them.

Spain vs Croatia

spanish-flag-large 800px-Flag_of_Croatia.svg

Marko-Pjaca-684064Spain can easily beat up Croatia given that the latter has little World Cup this deep in the tournament, plus Spain’s side is just too strong for this team.

Brazil vs Belgium

brazilian-flag-large belgium flag

coutinhoBelgium might win against Brazil and that would not be a surprise but our bet is on Brazil with his one, seeing that Thiago Silva and Philippe Coutinho are much talented than Toby Alderweireld, Kevin de Bruyne and Dries Mertens. Plus they have Neymar.

Sweden vs Colombia

swedish-flag-large colombian-flag-large

DgjkFsCX4AAmvw-Colombia’s side, though clinical, is much more messy and uncoordinated compared to the well-trained Sweden squad. They are lucky to beat England but will be crushed by Seb Larsson’s team.


France vs Brazil

french-flag-large brazilian-flag-large

DgTpcDrXcAIwetyThis will be some match to watch but  with some solid performance from Olivier Grioud, Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann, they should get pass a very strong Brazil. Just watch out for Neymar, of course and Philippe Coutinho. Griezmann should perform well on this one because if one of them falters, Brazil will win.

Spain vs Sweden

spanish-flag-large swedish-flag-large

marcus bergAnother easy match for Spain, lucky Spain. Although Sweden’s defense is solid, which will be their key on advancing this far, Spain could easuly break it through their defense, plus and Sweden’s luck of recent World Cup experience this far on the tournament will make them edgy.


France vs Spain

french-flag-large spanish-flag-large

lucas_hernandez_0Everyone will root for Spain on this one but our bet is with France which two years ago should have won the Euro Cup. Kylian Mbappe will be the new star of the tournament. France should have their second World Cup in their history.


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