FIFA World Cup Day 7 to 10 Top Goals: “The moments that remind you why the very best teams are always able to pull something from the fire”

For our Day 7 to 10 update,  we select 5 of the finest goals so far in the group stage from Germany’s Marco Reus equalizer against Sweden, to historic come-from-behind winning goal of our German hero Toni Kroos.

Top 5: Salah (vs Russia)

Salah plugged away gamely but seemed timid in attacking positions, choosing to pass instead of shoot, to turn back instead of taking on his man. We will never know what might have been had he never suffered that injury, but there is the lingering sense that Egypt played this World Cup without their best player – even if he was on the pitch and scored their consolation goal.

Top 4: Mbappe (vs Peru)

GOALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! MBAPPE TAPS HOME!!!! FRANCE LEAD 1-0!!! This time Mbappe does find the net as he converts from close range. Giroud did the hard work with a run into the box to latch on to Griezmann’s throughball. His strike was deflected by Ramos, but it beat Gallese. Mbappe followed the ball in and was able to guide it over the line. A hammer blow for Peru.

Top 3: Xhaka (vs Serbia)

OH MY WORD, WHAT A GOAL FOR GRANIT XHAKA! SWITZERLAND ARE LEVEL AT 1-1! The Arsenal man fires an absolute rocket of an effort in off the rebound of a Kolarov block on a Shaqiri strike on the right, catching it around 25 yards out on the left and blasting it in at the far post. Out of almost nothing, Switzerland are back on level terms.

Top 2: Reus (vs Sweden)

GOOOOAL! Germany equalise! Werner, on the left, drives into space and cuts the ball into the middle. Reus gets in front of Augustinsson and diverts home. Gomez appeared to get a slight touch to Werner’s cross as it came into the area, directing it into the path of Reus. Germany have come out of the blocks flying.

Top 1: Kroos (vs Sweden)

WHAT A GOAL! Germany have saved themselves! Durmaz clumsily concedes a free-kick on the edge of the box on the left. Reus tees it up for Kroos, who curls into the far corner of the net. Sensational! A brilliantly worked set-piece and Germany live to fight another day!

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