2018 FIFA World Cup: Top 10 Group Stage Matches to Watch out for

With 48 group matches to be played in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, here is your guide to the top 10 must-see matches of the tournament.

french-flag-largeVaustralian-flag-largeTop 10: France vs Australia (June 16 4pm PST)


Of course, France will win this one, but this will be the first test for the dreamers Australia if they could somehow be at par with Denmark for a chance to get the second ticket to the Round of 16 in their group.

argentinian-flag-largeLight_Blue_Flag_of_Iceland.svgTop 9: Argentina vs Iceland (June 16 9pm PST)


The first test for debutant Iceland will be a tough one as they will face the favorites Argentina. Like Australia, this will also be a test if Iceland could continue its fairytale story and reach the next round of the tournament, kicking out Nigeria in the process.

german-flag-largeswedish-flag-largeTop 8: Germany vs Sweden (June 23 2am PST)

Sweden Football Team Wallpapers-3Here’s a scenario: assuming that Germany beat Mexico in the first game of Group F, and Sweden will definitely beat South Korea, the two will go head to head with both 1-0 in the scoreboard. This will be an opportunity for Sweden to win the game and score a 2-0 to get a ticket to the Round of 16.

polish-flag-largecolombian-flag-largeTop 7: Poland vs Colombia (June 25 2am PST)

reu_2069567James Rodriguez’s Colombia will face the European favorite Poland in a test to determine who can get the top spot in Group H, and also a test if these two teams have the talent to push through the later rounds.

Top 6: Mexico vs Sweden (June 27 10pm PST)

Jonathan Dos Santos

The last match of Group F (simultaneous with the Germany v South Korea match), this will determine which team will go through the Round of 16, with what we predict as 1-1 scoreboard for both teams. Or maybe Mexico could have a 2-0 standing coming to this match, a win for Sweden could have all three teams in the group: Mexico, Germany, and Sweden have a 2-1 in the scoreboard. It will all depend on the goal differential to determine which two teams will proceed to the next round.

aenglish-flag-largebelgium flagTop 5: England vs Belgium (June 29 2am PST)


The match which will determine the team that will top Group G, this will be the first true test for Belgium (and England) if they could move past the Round of 16 and beat Colombia and Poland.

brazilian-flag-largeswiss-flag-largeTop 4: Brazil vs Switzerland (June 18 2am PST)

2228114_w2A tough challenge for Switzerland, we will see in this match if they have the quality of a team who could move pass Round of 16 and beat either Mexico or Germany (or Sweden).

Top 3: Germany vs Mexico (June 17 11pm PST)

manuel-neuer-cropped_1sluutfrs9ald1ds1krnten5huThe first match in Group F will determine which team will top the group and which will be in the second place and risk the inevitable scenario of facing Brazil early in the tournament.

Top 2: Denmark vs France (June 26 10pm PST)

antoine-griezmann-france-iceland-uefa-euro-2016-03072016_1rahux45t9hw41lupq0kckmh9yThe battle of two quality teams, this match will determine which team will be the top Group C. The bonus is being on top is facing a weak Nigeria in Round of 16, thus ensuring a quarterfinals appearance.

Top 1: Portugal vs Spain (June 16 2am PST)


The first exciting game of the tournament, this will be the first test for Cristiano Ronaldo’s backup team which is Portugal. If they could withstand the assault of the all-talented players of Spain, they might have a great chance of winning the Cup, much like the Euro 2016. Plus being on top of Group B means facing Egypt in the Round of 16, and a possible easy ticket to the quarterfinals.

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