Top TV Series of March: Designated Survivor

We present the top TV series for March with Designated Survivor on top of our list.

Top 8: The Flash (Last Month’s Number 5)

The Race of His Life
The Flash — “The Race of His Life” — Image: FLA223a_0179b.jpg — Pictured: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

down-arrowJust when we seriously contemplating on not including this series on our running list, The Flash managed to pull a decent episode to save itself. Or maybe. Watching the show, we are reminded of what this show is all about: Barry Allen as the Flash. While we are really tired of his group at Starlabs, there is something sad about leaving Central City, which is our weekly home despite the annoying and tiresome metahumans every episode. The season promised more actions in the future and the thought of not knowing the story of Flash is just not acceptable to us. (Volume 2 Number 4 review)

Top 7: Time After Time (New Entry)


new-logoThis series might have been good, if not for the weird storyline, which is somehow not so neat, with the result that such good characters suffer from a bad script. At first we didn’t get why the Ripper needs to be included in the story but all is clear now, but still, they could have sideline this character and chose a much better antagonist. A serial killer, really? But H.G. Wells in the future is cool to watch, and his reactions to the modern world are really fun. Seeing his stories come to life is a delight, so we’re addicted to this one. (Volume 2 Number 4 review)

Top 6: Star Wars Rebels (Same Spot Last Month)


retainWe felt shortchanged as the story jump from the final Battle of Lothal to the end of the empire and mentioning the Battle of Endor just a little! I mean what was that? We looked forward to the rebels participating in these battles but Disney failed to give us just that. (Volume 2 Number 4 review)

Top 5: Timeless (New Entry)


new-logoDubbed as the “the best Timeless episode,” Season 2 Episode 3 of the show brings us back to Hollywoodland in 1941 to stall the plan of Rittenhouse to control the newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst thereby manipulating history with their propaganda. In here, we were introduced with actress and scientist Hedy Lamarr who developed a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes, which used spread spectrum and frequency hopping technology to defeat the threat of jamming by the Axis powers and essentially inventing Bluetooth and CDMA and WiFi. How cool was that? (Volume 2 Number 5 review)

Top 4: This is Us (Last Month’s Number 1)


down-arrowIt’s Vegas time in This is Us and in this episode, we explore the relationship (or none thereof) of the trio with Beth and Toby, during Toby and Kate’s bachelor/bachelorette parties. Deja’s story was also featured here, which will result in a conflict between Beth and Randall. While Vegas is emotionally charged, what we enjoyed most watching was the Pearson family with the alive and kicking Jack Pearson, featured here as they celebrate their anniversaries every year. There was something light and fun as we watched the young trio prepare for their parents anniversary.

The writers tried to link the two stories together, highlighting the Randall and Kate relationship which got shattered apparently when Beth arrived, thus the lack of Kate and Beth’s relationship. But we feel that these two stories are apart from each other, and for us, that’s okay. (Volume 2 Number 3 review)

Top 3: Scandal (Same Spot Last Month)


retainThe fourth to the last episode was directed by Darby Stanchfield who plays Abby Whelan. Her style fits perfectly with the show we sometimes forget that she directed it. This was good because she helped bring out the moment between Olivia and Queen with so much emotion being a gladiator herself.

That being said, we’re excited to see the real ball game as this episode placed the characters into places. Now the battle begins, let the impeachment commence. (Volume 2 Number 5 review)

Top 2: The Good Doctor (Last Month’s Number 4)


up-arrowThe stories of the new episodes were, as always, heartwarming, but without the heavy baggage that sometimes leaves the audience suicidal. Their stories do not always have a happy ending, and though some scenes were out of touch with reality, its stories are as real as it can get, like looking at the stories of real people: smiling at their happiness, and crying for their predicaments, all the while learning from it. (Volume 2 Number 4 review)

Top 1: Designated Survivor (Last Month’s Number 2)

desup-arrowYou got to love the script of this show. The latest episode started with a hunt for another vice president but it was just a prelude to something much bigger: a blackout in the whole Washington D.C. caused by a hack which led us to the hunt for the perpetrator. Center and front is the White House scene and the showdown of the D.C. mayor and President Tom Kirkman regarding sending the National Guards and declaring martial law. Add to the problem of a deadline on Japanese bonds default and we’re back to the good old Designated Survivor. (Volume 2 Number 4 review)


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