The TV Series Review Vol. 2 No. 4: Star Wars Rebels Finale (Plus The Return of Timeless)

For our TV series volume 4 review, it’s double travel back in time with Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus in Timeless and with H.G. Wells in Time After Time and we take a look at the finale of Star Wars Rebels.

#8 The Flash: Run, Iris, Run

Geek Rate: Thief Worthy (2 out of 5 stars)
The Race of His Life
The Flash — “The Race of His Life” — Image: FLA223a_0179b.jpg — Pictured: Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

apollo redJust when we seriously contemplating on not including this series on our running list, The Flash managed to pull a decent episode to save itself. Or maybe. Watching the show, we are reminded of what this show is all about: Barry Allen as the Flash. While we are really tired of his group at Starlabs, there is something sad about leaving Central City, which is our weekly home despite the annoying and tiresome metahumans every episode. The season promised more actions in the future and the thought of not knowing the story of Flash is just not acceptable to us.

#7 Time After Time: H.G. Wells Travels to the Future

Geek Rate: Mortal Worthy (3 out of 5 stars)


ares-512Another story involving time machine and time travel because we can’t get enough of it. But this is no Timeless. There is no going back in time here to important historical events. This is about H.G. Wells, the famed science fiction author who predicted the future accurately in his books. In this show, he successfully invented some kind of a time machine and travel to the future, with his friend “Jack the Ripper” which made the whole plot weird. The episodes feature stories of Wells in his books (the events which where he supposedly based his novels once he returned in 1893), with a deranged Dr. Monroe in his island, the Ripper as the invisible man killer and so on.

This series might have been good, if not for the weird storyline, which is somehow not so neat, with the result that such good characters suffer from a bad script. At first we didn’t get why the Ripper needs to be included in the story but all is clear now, but still, they could have sideline this character and chose a much better antagonist. A serial killer, really? But H.G. Wells in the future is cool to watch, and his reactions to the modern world are really fun. Seeing his stories come to life is a delight, so we’re addicted to this one.

#6 Star Wars Rebels: The Liberation of Lothal

Geek Rate: Mortal Worthy (3 out of 5 stars)


ares-512We felt shortchanged as the story jump from the final Battle of Lothal to the end of the empire and mentioning the Battle of Endor just a little! I mean what was that? We looked forward to the rebels participating in these battles but Disney failed to give us just that.

So, of course, all the Jedi in the show died, giving way to Luke Skywalker. The finale was Ezar’s Return of the Jedi and we’re glad that he did not turn into the dark side (unlike that certain Jedi named Anakin). But seriously it’ll be nice to know the reaction of the Ghost team upon learning the existence of other Jedi. And what about Ashoka? Did she participate in the Battle of Endor or any other battles leading to it? We’d like to know! But sadly Disney did not think it is important for us, abruptly ending the show. Don’t get us wrong, the finale story was amazing but not fit for an end of the show episode. We hate Disney.

#5 Timeless: World War I and The Darlington 500

Geek Rate: Mortal Worthy (3 out of 5 stars)


ares-512And the time machine is back! We are very glad that this show was revived because it deserves to be watched and it’ll be a great injustice not to continue such a cool show. We deserve to learn and to be entertained at the same time, and Timeless gives us both.

We didn’t meet any important historical figures in the new episodes, except for this NASCAR driver Wendell Scott who we didn’t really know. Anyone? But while the first season focused on stopping Garcia Flynn in altering history, with historical figures popping out every episode, the new season focused on how Rittenhouse is changing history, introducing us to personalities that are bound to change history.

This might be dangerous as the strength of the show lies in their ability to teach history and entertain us both at the same time. The big factor in this entertainment is that audience gets to meet these known historical personalities, at least on screen. Introducing little know characters such as the supposed NASCAR superstar Ryan Miller is not wise.

Also, we just hope that the story of the first episode would have been stretched for two or three episodes, that Lucy would stay in the side of the Rittenhouse as a secret agent after she learned that the others are alive, that sort of thing. That would make the season more thrilling.

We are already on edge for this show, hoping that the second season would rate better than the first which is vital for its survival. We are still keeping our fingers crossed.

#4 This is Us: #KaToby Wedding

Geek Rate: Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars)


helios-256This is corny, we know and so unlike the show, but the season finale needed a laugh after those heavy episodes. True, Jack is still hovering in the background, dragging the trio and their mother into the misery of the past (sorry Jack), but the good news is that they finally accepted Jack’s (about time) and so they are moving on now, we’ll see.

So we’re having the wedding of Kate and Toby and of course, Kate would have a breakdown, missing her father and all of that which was kind of tiring but hey it’s her wedding so let’s give it to her.

The flare of the show was still there but there was nothing special on their season finale, except on the end, a stroke of genius, that shows what would be in the immediate future and could we expect from this show. We’re waiting for it to come back soon.

#3 Scandal: Unseating the President

Geek Rate: Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars)


helios-256We’re on the final stretch of the whole show and we’re sad about it. The final story is Vice President Beene versus the White House. There’s no better way to end the show than a good old attempt to wrestle the presidency. Olivia Pope and QPA are now united in stopping this from happening and the White House is now aware of it. Add to that the Fitzgerlad Grant Institute and they would be unstoppable. Right? Wrong.

What is mysterious here is how Beene would pull this out alone when all of the characters are against him. That is one of the things that we will watch out for. We’re worried that Scandal might screw this ending, or that it might not be that memorable. But no matter, this show is one of the bests that we reviewed and something that we would compare to as new shows enter into the picture.

#2 The Good Doctor: The Duchenne marker

Geek Rate: Sky god Worthy (5 out of 5 stars)


zeus-512It’s easy to just watch this show and not worry about anything else, except the patients’ problems. Dr. Murphy is really fun to watch with people giving him license to ask weird questions or give embarrassing comments.  It is fun to watch how he learned from the stories of patients and how he is slowly discovering the sad, happy, and confusing life of the outside world.

The stories of the new episodes were, as always, heartwarming, but without the heavy baggage that sometimes leaves the audience suicidal. Their stories do not always have a happy ending, and though some scenes were out of touch with reality, its stories are as real as it can get, like looking at the stories of real people: smiling at their happiness, and crying for their predicaments, all the while learning from it.

#1 Designated Survivor: The D.C. Blackout

Geek Rate: Sky god Worthy (5 out of 5 stars)


zeus-512You got to love the script of this show. The latest episode started with a hunt for another vice president but it was just a prelude to something much bigger: a blackout in the whole Washington D.C. caused by a hack which led us to the hunt for the perpetrator. Center and front is the White House scene and the showdown of the D.C. mayor and President Tom Kirkman regarding sending the National Guards and declaring martial law. Add to the problem of a deadline on Japanese bonds default and we’re back to the good old Designated Survivor.

The cast and how they carried out their respective roles played a huge part in the success of this episode. We especially love Lyor and his scenes with Emily, trapped inside the Japanese Embassy’s elevator during the blackout, crying for help. Like really shouting help at the top of their voices. Also the African violet scene? We had a good laugh on that one. But Agent Hannah Wells would not be left out, her facial expression, albeit serious, is funny enough, “And I care because?” We are also looking forward to her looming battle with that evil Russian girl. Team Wells here.

In the end, the blackout ended, the president got his VP, the D.C. mayor of course, and add to that the return of a prodigal brother who somehow managed to avert the bonds crisis. It’s another chaotic day in the White House saved by Kirkman and the team.

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