The TV Series Review Vol. 2 No. 1: The Gladiators vs Olivia Pope in Scandal (Plus This is Us and The Flash)

From the Death of Jack Pearson in “This is Us” to the battle between the gladiators and Olivia Pope in “Scandal”, we present volume 2, number 1 of our TV series review.

This is Us: Super Bowl and the Death of Jack Pearson

Geek Rate: Mortal Worthy (3 out of 5 stars)

landscape-1516795891-170307-news-this-is-us-milo-ventimigliaWe did not see it coming. How are we supposed to know that an episode about the Super Bowl will reveal Jack Pearson’s death? After several months of waiting and expecting and being let down by the series, we all gave up on this mystery. But now the surprise. There are signs of course. Those old couple did not show up at the start of the episode for no reason. And there was the math. The trio were 17 years old that time and we all know that Jack died when they were 17. Yet we still did not see it coming.

The whole unraveling of Jack as a person, the unmasking of the real Jack who we all think of as a hero vis-a-vis the revelation about his death was impressive episode writing. This made Jack more human and more of a hero with all his flaws. The actors as usual were superb. It seems nothing on this series could get wrong.

The Good Doctor: Seven Reasons Why People Lie

Geek Rate: Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars) 

171120-news-good-doctorFirst off, Dr. Kalu is back, let’s all clap! There’s nothing really to report here except that all is “good” in this series, some heart-warming stories and a doctor whose antics make this series fun to watch all the while teaching something new, like the seven reasons why people supposedly lie. We especially like the unabashed way Dr. Murphy accuses a patient as a terrorist. We just hope that he will get another fun neighbor soon.

Riverdale: General Pickens’ Day

Geek Rate: Thief Worthy (2 out of 5 stars) 

KJ-Apa-Archie-AndrewsLet’s all continue the ridiculous story that is Riverdale. But let’s insert some NBI agent to make it more legit. Though we like Betty’s story, the way she is crazy, the mysterious brother in her family. Veronica’s story, meanwhile, although it is currently the central plot, is bordering to a typical hoodlum story which is boring at the most and annoying at best. And the Serpents? Seriously? Drop that subplot. But there’s still Archie and his good looks which generates the goods and the high ratings so who cares, right? Wrong.

The Flash: Barry Allen Imprisoned

Geek Rate: Thief Worthy (2 out of 5 stars) 

BarryWe don’t like the stretch man, the elongated man or whatever he is called. Come to think of it, we don’t even like Cisco’s power, however it may look cool to some. We like Dr. Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost though.

Anyway, Barry Allen is now in prison, but for a while there we thought he will be freed. There’s a bit of an up notch to the gloom level in this series, something we hate because why is Barry always in prison? Why? Still the funny dialogues are not going away, and there’s an intriguing thing here on how the writers will spin this one. A Flash in prison is a great opportunity for a cool story (not like when he was in time space something). Hope they will make this count.

Last one, the mind reading ability introduced in the latest episode could hold the clue on how to defeat the Thinker. That is interesting.

Scandal: The Gladiators vs Olivia Pope

Geek Rate: Sun god Worthy (4 out of 5 stars) 

scandal-season-7-episode-10-review-the-people-v-olivia-popeCalling Sen. Bernie Sanders. Please rescue Olivia Pope. She’s currently being held up in Vermont. We’re here to defend Olivia Pope because seriously it’s not her fault. She just killed the Bashrani president, no big deal. As for Quinn? She’s alive, so back off Gladiators. Stop uniting against her. And why, after all this time, you didn’t know that Olivia is a bitch, she’s powerful and she will get what she wants (or not, let’s wait for the next episode). Although the way the Gladiators appear one by one in Vermont, cornering her with the help of President Fitz, was cool.

Olivia may have beaten all of the Gladiators and Fitz but next episode, the duel between President Mellie Grant and Olivia. This should be fun to watch.

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