Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, the Geek Review

We’re coming from the story line of The Force Awakens and we know from the start that this is bad news. Thanks to Rogue One, the Disney Star Wars stories got some kind of redemption, but we’re back to the story of Rey and Poe and Kylo Ren and that storm trooper guy who we should all forget.

So all reviews are out there (from bandwagoners to legit Star Wars fans) and it is time for our turn. In this article, we will painstakingly review each scenes, taking the positive and negative notes from those scenes and eventually come up with an honest and objective take if The Last Jedi is really as cool as Mace Windu’s lightsaber or as bad as Kylo Ren’s mask.


The Resistance fighters led by General Leia Organa evacuate their base when a First Order fleet arrives following there events in The Force Awakens where they destroyed this massive Death Star.

To understand the whole scene, let us summarize the events from the The Return of the Jedi up to this point with the help from our Star Wars canon texts. This will only be short, don’t be impatient.

The defeat of the empire began during the Battle of Endor and the rise of the New Republic government began. But it did not end there as remnants of the empire’s fleets were scattered all around the galaxy, thus the predecessors of the First Order was born. They were ultimately defeated in the Battle of Jakku. There were peace for 30 years or so after which the First Order came into the radar, at first as a small group of bandits, then a formidable enemy of the New Republic. So back to the events of the The Force Awakens.


Despite the destruction of the First Order’s most fearsome weapon and usurpation of Snoke by Kylo Ren, the loss of Hosnian Prime proved to be a dire blow to the Republic. With its government decapitated, its main fleet wiped out, and the Resistance subsequently besieged and decimated during the start of open war, it was estimated that the New Republic’s core systems would all fall to the First Order’s forces within a matter of weeks, with the First Order establishing itself as the primary power in the galaxy with many worlds, with some parts of the Republic having already capitulated and surrendered. That brings us to why the Resistance fleet (sanctioned by the New Republic) have become so small and weak.


So let’s start the review. The bombs during the counterattack led by Poe Dameron, where the Resistance fighters managed to destroy a First Order dreadnought, how did the bombs drop without gravity? Simple, technology, duh. What we don’t get is the tracking device during a hyperspace drive. What’s the primary technology behind it, how was it developed, how exactly does it work?

Then the First Order tracked them down, but why can’t they not destroy the lead Resistance ship? The explanation on the movie was inadequate. They could have blown the shield in one swipe. They have Star Destroyers for effing sake.

So Pricess Leia was incapacitated during the attack, she used the Force which is cool, for the record. And we also like Vice Admiral Holdo, back off haters. So we’re back to Finn and add to that a mechanic by the name of  Rose Tico who embarked on a secret plan to disable the tracking device in a weird casino planet. Please delete the whole scene. Let’s move on.


And then there’s Rey meeting Luke Skywalker, finally! Let’s all clap. Or not. The first time I watched the film, I was asleep the whole time the Rey-Luke scenes appeared. Sorry. That’s just how boring it was. The only redeeming scenes there was the Rey-Kylo telepathic visions which the actors pulled off amazingly.

d7ad59d1b533a4ddf9e498309d563576581ea900_hqLet’s take a pause here. Most people don’t like the prequels but seeing two Rey-era movies it seems that most of the scenes there were copied from those prequels. Like Kylo Ren turning to the dark side was reminiscent of Anakin Skywalker, and Luke’s failure to destroy him was soo Obi Wan. So we’re not impressed. And the whole thing about Rey being strong with the Force without any Jedi training? Oh please.

The Rey-Kylo-Supreme Leader Snoke scene was so Return of the Jedi we all know that but the fighting scene after that was so cool it was second to the Obi Wan-Anakin and Yoda-Palpatine battles.


Back to Poe Dameron and the Resistance. We like Poe period. The coup scene was inspiring especially when Poe got shot by Leia which was funny. So the evacuation of the remaining Resistance group to small transports begin but again why did they not use the hyperspace move to destroy the First Order fleet? They did not counted on the fact that these small transports will be detected so Holdo, instead of pretending to keep the main battle ship afloat, just bumped it off to the enemy’s ship. End of discussion on that matter.

at at

So we’re on planet Crait now. We like to call on several things there.

1) It was so Empire Strikes Back with the AT-AT and ice and everything (but the salt surface was a great idea)

2) The Luke-Kylo battle was cool

3) Luke’s astral projection is COOL do not debate us on this.

4) Hey Luke, just say to the rebels to escape, you don’t need to waste time for the rebels to figure out what you’re doing.

5) You’re shoulder swipe was, to use my favorite word, cool!

6) Rey! Where’s Rey?


So we end up with a few Resistance people escaping and that’s just that. And oh, at Canto Bight, one of the children who helped Finn and Rose escape grabs a broom with the Force and gazes into space. We wonder what it meant.

Overall this was a better Star Wars film than the Force Awakens, but the lack of originality was frustrating, the prequels are laughing. Disney succeeded in cleaning up the mess of their first movie, salvaging this Rey-era film into something promising for the future. And as long as there are Jedis and droids and hyperdrives and all other Star Wars stuff in there, we’re on for the ride. With the Force with us, of course.

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