10 Best TV Series of 2017: The Geek List from “Medici, Masters of Florence” to “Sense8”

We present our list of 10 Best TV Series of 2017 from “Medici, Masters of Florence” to “Sense8.”

Top 10: Medici, Masters of Florence

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This is another The Tudors-like series so we’re 100% sure this will be pretty good. The series follows the story of Cosimo de’ Medici of the Medici dynasty during the 15th-century Florence, heading his family after the murder of his father Giovanni di Bicci. It’s trailer is kind of funny because it seemed to tell you all of the story’s plots but watching the episodes will entrance you, and will make you see that there are many plots and twists in here that you need to find out.

Watching the story of the Medici, how they started and how they navigated their power, was fascinating and all we can do is to watch with excitement on how their story will unfold, the little untold stories, and also those known ones.


Top 9: Sirens UK

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“Life is an escalator ride, read a few books, have sex along the way, drink with mates.” This is the UK version to be clear. We don’t know for sure but there is something magical about watching a show set in suburban London along actors with real Brit accents playing ordinary roles such as medics and police officers. What makes this TV series worth watching is the script and the story, the simplicity of it: raw human story about the struggles of medics and officers doing their dangerous jobs everyday. In a closer look, you don’t need to be a medic or a police officer to see that really, every single one of them is us, in one way or another, and that watching their struggles is like watching our struggles too, problems that are not apparent in the surface, but are there.

In watching this series we came to examine our own story, like the characters in the series, we could make it much better.

It’s a pity that this series ended in obscurity, having aired only 6 episodes (not to mention that it was soooo hard, emphasis on the hard, to get a copy of it). But in this age, those good series don’t last, but their story does.


Top 8: The Young Pope

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There is something very current about this series, and not simply because Pius is a norm-breaking, reactionary American interloper, running against the establishment and seeking to engird his church with a big, beautiful wall (with a tiny door). “The Young Pope” echoes a larger phenomenon, of which our election was just one part: the movement toward retreat and insularity in the West, an attitude that Pius sees as a holy mandate. Brexit, meet Pontifexit.


Top 7: No Tomorrow

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So we just heard about this series which apparently will not be renewed because they don’t want the world to end just yet. Xavier Halliday or Hamish Stegner was annoying at the start of the series. Frankly, without the whole light and funny story, the whole series could be kind of annoying with the activities in the list pulling the whole story of the series, with the apocalypse as the plot. We also think that this series is racist, I mean Timothy Finger as Asian? Come on. And a beautiful white girl as lead. Typical.


Top 6: Timeless

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This is by far the best TV series this year, because of the fact that we like history. Hands down. The story of Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan and Rufus Carlin, people who have a time machine and traveled back in time was not new, but the story and how it highlighted specific events in history, and the chain reactions and that of what would happen in the present if certain details of history were changed were just brilliant.


Top 5: Scandal

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First off: Olivia Pope is scary. Kerry Washington is still at her best in acting the role of Olivia Pope. So Queen Perkins is missing and at the end of the latest episode, she might be dead, shot by Olivia’s equally evil father all for the control of the Command. All we can say is that the Command is so lame and totally unbelievable without an army of people, like it’s just Jake and Olivia and their super computers? Give me a break. But Olivia’s story of her empire continues to enthrall us and so we couldn’t believe that they did have a break this week, I mean come on!


Top 4: 13 Reasons Why

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Welcome to your tape Hannah Baker. In this article, the students of Liberty High School fight back against your tapes and your accusations because they deserve to be heard. Except for Bryce, he’s pure evil, like Lestrange-level evil. So as Courtney said, they have their own truths, and these are their truths. We present to you the thirteen reasons why you should blame yourself for killing yourself because why the hell not.


Top 3 (Bronze Award): The Good Doctor

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This might be a series with an Emmy on its plate next year. The show stars Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shaun Murphy, the bold, heartbreaking center piece of The Good Doctor, a struggling, perceptive, challenged young man with prodigious medical talents, struggling social skills and a jarring ability to speak his truth. We relate so much with Dr. Murphy, at least with his lack of social skills, but what is enjoyable in this show is his show of brilliance in each scene because we like a show with some prodigy in it, something Sherlock Holmes-like. Funny thing is, we like that portion where Dr. Murphy was standing in front of an an echo monitor and was saying “Again. Again. Again. There!” We love it so much that we keep on repeating it, weird I know. But the strength of this show is its heart-warming script, and the actors who are so good we wonder if this is an Oscars-nominated movie. Throw in some gross medical surgeries and some laughter and we’re good to go.


Top 2 (Silver Award): This is Us

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How many times we will say how effing great the acting in this show is? The past episodes show what really This is US is: our story, reflected on screen by those great actors. On the past two episodes we got to see Kevin Pearson’s story, his teenage years as “Number One” through his spiraling moments as an adult. Justin Hartley is the most challenged actor in this show, surrounded by amazing actors, but by did he pull this one off amazingly. His acting was just superb. Then there was Chris Sullivan in the “Number Two” epsiode, as Toby, stripped of all of his funny persona to depict a single emotion: a sad man going through heartbreak. Chrissy Metz as Kate was great, we don’t need to tell you that, but the two of them acting together? Wow. We’re just lost for words.


Best TV Series of 2017 (Gold Award): Sense8

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So why is Sense8 so charming while so many of its peak-TV brethren feel like slogs? Probably because its serialized plot has almost nothing to do with what makes the series such a pleasure to watch. Sense8 fits in with much of the Wachowskis’ work (which also includes films like Jupiter Ascending, Cloud Atlas, and Speed Racer): It’s a celebration of human connectedness, a hippy-dippy ballad of love and understanding that grinds its teeth at repressive or orderly governments and corporations. This nakedly political show somehow manages to be free-spirited, rather than dull or polemical; its good intentions often border on goofy naiveté in a way that’s charming rather than grating.


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