The TV Series Review Vol. 1 No. 13: The Stories of “Number One” and “Number Two” in This is Us

From the looming confrontation of The Flash and The Thinker in The Flash to the search of Queen Perkins in Scandal to the stories of Kate and Kevin Pearson in This is Us here is the ranking of last week’s TV shows:

down-arrow#9 Designated Survivor: The White House-y stuff

(Last Week’s Number 5)

ADAN CANTO, KAL PENNA friend told me that the show’s last season is way more better than this season. With the solution of who’s behind the Capitol bombing, the excitement and the thrill of the show seemed to be lost but we believe that there is still more to it than what creators of the show revealed. Plus there are still the interesting characters in the White House doing some White House-y stuff, bringing into focus the daily events happening inside the US executive branch than we could watch in a single Scandal season. You’re asking about agent Hannah Wells and her little side investigative story and love story? Oh well.


#8 Bounty Hunters: Into the Shermans’ Super-Secure Mansion

(Last Week’s Number 6)

maxresdefaultWe know that Bradley James is not the main actor in this series but can we just shout because…well…Bradley James! After building suspense in their first three episodes, the series is getting traction as the Mexican drug group, the ISIS representatives and our bounty hunters group meet. And it was explosive. And fun, thanks to Jack Whitehall. The series is full of unbelievable moments but the audience will just be carried from one scene into the next feeling excited, incredulous, while laughing all at once.

up-arrow#7 Star Wars Rebels: Assault at Lothal

(Last Week’s Number 9)

7bb36-mon-mothma-star-wars-rebels-s3-2-222812And so we’re back to Lothal. This time to destroy a factory building some sort of a super version of the TIE fighter. Along the way the Phoenix Squadron might discover that the empire is building something more sinister than that, aka the Death Star. The season might be slowing again after that explosive season 3 finale but it seemed to be not the case. For one, they stopped showing those stand alone episodes which were cool and trivial but do not contribute anything to the bigger Rebels story. And there’s still the presence of the Rebel Alliance back in Yavin base to stroke the excitement of every Star Wars fans.


#6 You’re the Worst: No Videoke in the Finale

(Last Week’s Number 10)

Photo courtesy of FX Networks / Autumn de Wilde
Photo courtesy of FX Networks / Autumn de Wilde

Lindsey (and we finally remember her name) and her being mature in this story contributed to the show being less gross than usual. The coolness and pure raw story of Jimmy and Gretchen’s story is there but with no videoke in the finale. The funny moments were reduced replaced by focusing the depth and complexity of Jimmy and Gretchen’s relationship and their life’s struggles. Which was a good thing. But the laughter is still there and the audience will surely still be watching the next season with open mouths like unbelievable.


#5 The Flash: The Thinker is Out in the Open

(Last Week’s Number 4)

landscape-1505324955-flash1You know the difference between this season’s The Flash compared to other seasons? The villain is just so plain good at being evil. Plus the writing and the story improved. This season is much lighter as we said goodbye to the gloomy Barry Allen back in season 3, with the occasional funny moments from the Starlabs team (not just from Cisco). But let’s go straight to the Thinker. He’s very different from all the other villains because he’s not simply hiding, he’s just there in plain site. And somehow we knew what his plans are, and at the same time we have no idea what he will do which is genius in itself. Send in the next meta please.


#4 Riverdale: The Mystery of the Black Hood Continues

(Last Week’s Number 8)

43527-1_ogAfter weeks of bashing the story of Riverdale, we are happy to report that this series might be well into a season with depth in it, which is impressive. Now that we finally accepted, after one episode, that this is a CSI show, we focused on the story itself and what we are seeing so far is good news. The acting was negligible, seeing that their beautiful faces is all that’s what matters, but the story and the suspense and the mystery behind it, are helping to shape the plot into something remarkable and for once, we’re excited to wait for the next episode to come.


#3 The Good Doctor: Point Three Percent

(Last Week’s Number 1)

147520_6110_-_h_2017Episode 5 gives us goosebumps. There was something eerie about Shaun meeting a young boy with an indubitable resemblance to his deceased brother Steve, and all we wanted all throughout the episode was that it would never end. Like seriously. The show’s episodes do not seemed to have any plot being followed, it just continues to do what it does best, to tell a hearth warming story every episode. Plus some gory surgical procedures every now and then. If this seems to be cheesy to you, it’s because it is and we have no complaints on that.


#2 Scandal: Olivia Pope and Command

(Last Week’s Number 2)

c7f63629_edit_img_facebook_post_image_file_2387502_1422643961First off: Olivia Pope is scary. Kerry Washington is still at her best in acting the role of Olivia Pope. So Queen Perkins is missing and at the end of the latest episode, she might be dead, shot by Olivia’s equally evil father all for the control of the Command. All we can say is that the Command is so lame and totally unbelievable without an army of people, like it’s just Jake and Olivia and their super computers? Give me a break. But Olivia’s story of her empire continues to enthrall us and so we couldn’t believe that they did have a break this week, I mean come on!


#1 This is Us: Number One and Number Two

(Last Week’s Number 7)

this-is-us-cast-f84ac4fb-cfb4-44c3-aac4-c65df7891e35How many times we will say how effing great the acting in this show is? The past episodes show what really This is US is: our story, reflected on screen by those great actors. On the past two episodes we got to see Kevin Pearson’s story, his teenage years as “Number One” through his spiraling moments as an adult. Justin Hartley is the most challenged actor in this show, surrounded by amazing actors, but by did he pull this one off amazingly. His acting was just superb. Then there was Chris Sullivan in the “Number Two” epsiode, as Toby, stripped of all of his funny persona to depict a single emotion: a sad man going through heartbreak. Chrissy Metz as Kate was great, we don’t need to tell you that, but the two of them acting together? Wow. We’re just lost for words.

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